Eight and a Half Bit

Before totally succumbing to the madness that is the FMVGames livestream chat Paul gets to educate James on how to properly enjoy Gunstar Heroes and in turn James shows Paul how to annihilate planets in a NEW way. Don't forget some excited Finger'ing, impressive Warshifting, manic Pac-man'ing and delve into the madness that is the Sonic Dreams Collection!

Cheapskate's Game Club: Sonic Dreams Collection
Next Week: Relic Hunters Zero

James’ Pick of the Week: Warshift

Paul’s Pick of the Week: Rogue Invader (Kickstarter)


Show Notes

The financial failure of N++

Your target audience does not exist

Rick and Morty DOTA2 Announcer Pack

Twitch plays Dark Souls is a dumb idea

Press Play getting public votes on their next project

Rainbow Six Siege delayed until Dec

Always bet on Gearbox

You don’t need amiibos anymore!

Rocket League Final is pretty awesome

Pokemon Tournament

Gassy Mob

Xcom 2

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Siegecraft Commander


Crowd Funding

Fig launches! (article)

Outer Wilds


Rogue Invader

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FMV Games - Episode 1 - Everybody's Gone To Youtube

The podcast is dead! Long live the podcast!

James and Paul settle in to their new studio digs with FMV Games! What has changed?  Not a lot except you don't get to see the world greatest Splatoon commercial. Instead let's focus on Everybody's Gone To Rapture, The Swindle, Super Mutant Alien Assault, Dropsy and much much more!

James' Pick of the Week: Retronator: Pixel Art Academy (Kickstarter)

Paul's Pick of the Week: Super Mutant Alien Assault

Next Week's Cheapskate's Game Club: Sonic Dreams


Show Notes

The amazing game that needs to exist

Pornhub and Fallout 4

Resident Evil 2 remake is a go

Rocket League Update

Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Planetoid Pioneers



Retronator Pixel Art Academy



Exoplanet: First Contact

Bootleg Systems

Pauldron: Shield of the King

Everybody's Gone To Rapture, The Swindle, Super Mutant Alien Assault, Dropsy, FFVII Reimagined, Resident Evil Revelations, Freedom Planet, Soul Axiom, Mutant Mudds, Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter, Mafia, Nintendo, Resident Evil 2, Rocket League, Walking Dead: No Man's Land, Planetoid Pioneers, Retronator: Pixel Art Academy, GRIP, Voidrunner, Exoplanet: First Contact, Bootleg Systems, Pauldron: Shield of the King

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Episode 170 - Why the Xbox 10 is right for you

Microsoft drops some future bombs (the good type of bombs) at this week's Gamescom. Paul gets into more Nindies (Special note go download them now) and James has a Need for Speed that's several years old.  Also tune in for a super special announcement regarding the future of Eight and a Half Bit.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Secret of QWERTY

Show Notes:


Crackdown 3

Dark Souls 3

Quantum Break

Thimbleweed Park

Homefront: The Revolution

Halo Wars 2

Halo 5 Multiplayer

Halo World Championship

Rash in KI

Future games with gold titles will all be backwards compatible

Mafia 3

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Konami, the worst game company ever?

New Silent Hill!

That dead LOL character thing was just armless fun

DOTA 2 is going to get messy

Oculus Rift on the cover of Time Magazine

Tony Hawk attempts to hide its awful visuals with the old borderlands trick

Peter Dinklage’s Destiny comes up short and is recast by Nolan North

Michel Ancel made a level for Super Mario Maker


Crowd Funding


Tower 57



Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Typoman, Rive, Lovely Planet, Need 4 Speed: Rivals, Gamescom, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Dark Souls 3, Quantum Break, Thimbleweed Park, Homefront: The Revolution, Halo Wars 2, Halo 5 Multiplayer, Halo World Championship, Battletoads, Killer Instinct, Cities Skylines, Mafia 3, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Konami, Silent Hill, The International 2015, DOTA 2, Oculus Rift, Tony Hawk 5, Destiny, Super Mario Maker, Gunjack, Eco, Tower 57, Poi, Everspace

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Episode 169 - Return of the King

King's Quest is back and it takes the crew on emotional rollercoaster. We also get our first batch of Nindies with the trio of Runbow, Forma.8 and Extreme Exorcism. Dying Light continues an impress trend of post launch support and Zombi-U is coming back to get you!

Cheapskate's Game Club: Pequod
Next Week: Secret of Qwerty

Show Notes


Zombi officially announced for PC, PS4 and XBONE

Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4, 3DS and possibly NX

Valve does real bad with Steam security

Dying Light Expansion looks to be a substantial gameplay changer

Fallout 4 mod tools won’t be ready for release

Battletech returning

Disaster Report 4 survived

Warframe really is much better than Destiny

Red Ash doesn’t need your kickstarter so there!

LOL hero killed!

Vote on PS+ games?

Angry birds 2

Star Versus (Article)



These people made a zombie version of Hugh Laurie

Gourd of the Beans

Magbot (Demo)

Disposable Heroes

Kill Bugs Dead

Tsioque (Demo)


Kick Ass Commandos

King’s Quest, Forma.8, Runbow, Extreme Exorcism, Drive Club, Warheads, Zombi, Dragon Quest XI, Steam, Dying Light, Fallout 4, Battletech, Warframe, Red Ash, LOL, PS+, Angry Birds 2, Star Versus, Hugh Laurie, Gourd of the Beans, Pequod, Nindies@Home


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