Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 169 - Return of the King

King's Quest is back and it takes the crew on emotional rollercoaster. We also get our first batch of Nindies with the trio of Runbow, Forma.8 and Extreme Exorcism. Dying Light continues an impress trend of post launch support and Zombi-U is coming back to get you!

Cheapskate's Game Club: Pequod
Next Week: Secret of Qwerty

Show Notes


Zombi officially announced for PC, PS4 and XBONE

Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4, 3DS and possibly NX

Valve does real bad with Steam security

Dying Light Expansion looks to be a substantial gameplay changer

Fallout 4 mod tools won’t be ready for release

Battletech returning

Disaster Report 4 survived

Warframe really is much better than Destiny

Red Ash doesn’t need your kickstarter so there!

LOL hero killed!

Vote on PS+ games?

Angry birds 2

Star Versus (Article)



These people made a zombie version of Hugh Laurie

Gourd of the Beans

Magbot (Demo)

Disposable Heroes

Kill Bugs Dead

Tsioque (Demo)


Kick Ass Commandos

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