Eight and a Half Bit
Top 5 - Video Game Ripoffs

We're just a ripoff of ABBA. Oh you missed their hipster video game podcast phase? You really missed out.

Next week: Top 5 games of 2013 (not a typo)

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Episode 138 - 2014 Showdown

End of the year!  In this episode we talk about everything.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Gems of War
Next Week: Second Life

Crowdfunding Picks of the Year
James: Witchmarsh
Ben: The Flame in the Flood
Paul: Frog Fractions 2

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Top 5 - Games with Dance

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine

Next week: Top 5 Video Game Rip-Offs

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Episode 137 - Xmas Party

There ain't no Party like a Chritmas party. James goes back to the Time of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Paul finishes the Unfinished Swan at long last and there's a whole lot of Hatred for us all to share in.

Cheapskate's Game Club: InkQuest
Next Week: Gems of War

Crowd Funding Picks
James and Ben: But I Love You
Paul: Daydreamer

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Top 5 - Games that make you Gamy McGame

I have no idea.

Next week: Top 5 - Games with Dance

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Episode 136 - Way to go Jerry

For a special treat we pushed record on this episode so you could listen to it and share in our musings.  The video game awards brought more than a few surprises as did the Sony Experience. Ben plays Dragon Age: Inquisition, James gets into Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Paul has just been photographing volleyball.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Wonderputt
Net Week: InkQuest

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Interview - Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on Thimbleweed Park

Ron Gilbert is back and this time he's brought along his old friend and collaborator Gary Winnick to talk about their currently crowd funding adventure game "Thimbleweed Park". Only 60% of the episode is off topic. A new record!

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Top 5 - Games With Punching

What a punchy list.

Next Week: Top 5 Games that make you Gamy McGame (Yeah we don't get it either)

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Episode 135 - We Lost the Episode

Well this is embarrassing. In today's episode we talked about a bunch of great subjects. If only we had recorded it properly.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Digital: A Love Story

Next Week: Wonderputt

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Top 5 - Ways We’d Give Popular Games a Kick in the Pants

Good things are good but could good things be better?

Next week: Top 5 Games with Punching

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