Eight and a Half Bit

This week Paul, James and Ben welcome you to the twilight zone where nothing is real and everything is pretty much the same as before. Watch how the mighty Pro Evolution 2013 falls under the weight of our banter and not even Gabe Newell escapes our confused questioning of his motivations! Kickstarters, Indie games, Kinect and a news attack so long it belittles the very concept!  Also the boys bring up their top 5 games with non standard/unusual control schemes and DRAMA(tm) ensues.

Next week: The Dark Souls Memorial, Top 5 Ragequit moments in gaming

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This week the lads finally patched the bug that was making them less-handsome, but found it too expensive to get through certification, so now you're stuck with their hideous features! This week they discuss crazy science future tech (again), grind some zombies for fat loot, and complain about the not-in-the-us tax with online sales. Now with a totally not obnoxious top five list for all to enjoy!

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Join the lads this week with our +1 Alex Norton, the mind behind the indie title 'Malevolence'. Ben misses out on talking about Modern Warfare 3, James complains about pixelated germans, and Paul gets to talk plenty of Kickstarter! Adventure guaranteed!

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Paul is back this week just in time to talk about Dungeon Keeper 2, Halloween Harry, MDK and the other hot topics of the day! Also games from the current decade are discussed, the controversial EU decision on digital resale, Salman Rushdie's digital punishment, gaming experiments, how much we love Valve (lots) and much much much much much more.

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Episode 008 - The Week Paul Got Fired

Ben and James two-man it this week in a riveting episode of everything Paul hates. Ben gets to talk for literally minutes about Call of Duty and Halo 1, and James is pleasantly surprised about Spec Ops: The Line. Join us this week as we discuss topics from fornicating farm animals to adventure games for people with short attention spans.

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