Eight and a Half Bit

It's the 2012 retrospective where we discuss literally everything and still manage to miss out on heaps!  James is in Malaysia still and manages to cause all kinds of havok but we'll forgive him because "love".

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It's a Pompous Jack double moustache special! James is off in Malaysia so it's left to Paul, Ben and Pompous Jack to hold up the fort in the pre christmas episode.  We're going to be chatting about the hilarious debacle that is The War Z, the brilliance of Natural Selection 2 and SALES SALES SALES!

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James is leaving on holiday so to commemorate this journey it's time to discuss strategy. How will his over stimulated mind will survive the boredom of travel?  I only pray he survives.

Next week: Top 5 Commercial Cross Overs

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Cut me a break. I'm on holiday!

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Here's a top 5 list. Enjoy it!!!

Next week: Top 5 Games to play in transit

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It's the Wii-U spectacular! Both Paul and James have a Wii-U and Ben announces it as his favourite console ever.  We've got Mario, Nintendoland, Zombi-U and more from Nintendos exciting new console. Also Dark Souls 2 was announced and Paul tried Black Ops 2.  Plus we finish of the current Gameclub game Dreamweb.

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These games were all going to be amazing! Now we've got nothing to show for them except for the greatest podcast in the universe. It does ease the pain a little.

 Next Week: Top 5 characters you'd like to be in real life

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Show post? Oh yeah you better believe it listeners. Have to seen that tag cloud?  You like that don't you? Planetside 2, some other games, banter, talk, chat.  We know what you like and we deliver it hot and steaming to your ears.

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