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Next week: Top 5 Pets

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There is so much to talk about this week we must be as efficient as possible!  GamesCon went down with Sony and Microsoft going all out in the lead up to their new console reveals. We've got games, we've got games plus we've even got some games.  A Chivalry expansion, indie games galore and even ToonTown gets thrown in for good measure. In my haste I even missed out on Rime, my favourite reveal of the week. Oh well. Next week I'll talk about it so much you'll hate me.

Crowd funding picks of the week

Ben: Super Goal Run

Paul and James: U55 - End of the Line

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Top 5 - Gamecube Games

The Gamecube. It had a built in handle. Also amazing games.

Next Week: Top 5 Celebrities in videogames

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Episode 067 - Pay 4 Day

The boys celebrate Ben’s birthday by all being sick and Ben says upwards of 7 words. Paul and James have been playing Payday 2 and have feelings on the subject while Ben has been involved in some kind of golf orientated activity. There a bunch of XBone news and GTA Online looks amazing. Throw in the Zombie parkour game Dying Light and the mysterious yet beautiful Dungeon of the endless and you sir/madam/hedgehog have got yourself a stew.

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Top 5 - Team Multiplayer Games

Let's work together and listen to this great episode!

Next week: Top 5 Gamecube Games

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Episode 066 - The Wonderful 10Fun

Is the Wonderful 101 as wonderful as its name indicates? How steamy is SteamWorld? Are the brothers in Brothers: A tale of Two Sons full of brotherly love? How refreshing is the extreme taste of Coke Zero? We answer almost one of these questions.

Crowd Funding Picks
Paul: Paranautical Activity
James: Project Bliss
Ben: Dwarven Delve

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Like books and shit!

Next week: Top 5 Team Multiplayer Games

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Episode 065 - Don't EverQuest-ion me. Don't ever censor me. Don't ever leave me.

EverQuest Next looks incredible, Australian censorship continues to infuriate and Phil Fish leaves the industry in a spectacular fashion. Not to mention Bioshock Infinite DLC, crazy Oculus Rift experiments, kickstarter and a little game where you Mount Your Friends. Most incredible of all though is that it was Liam O'Sullivan's birthday this week!

At PAXAUS 2013, we had the pleasure of using the noisy media room to catch up with Ron Gilbert in person. You don't get to meet him in the flesh, you just get to hear him again, but pretty awesome for us, right? We follow up on our Monkey Island/Bioshock Infinite/Lost cross over theory, discuss the role of Kickstarter, potential issues with Oculus Rift and raiding in World of Warcraft. Oh, and rum.

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