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Top 5 - Parody Games

If you ever do something wrong, just say it’s a parody and no one will judge you. In our family we never used the word accident. I was always my parent’s little parody.

Next Week: Top 5 – Open World Games

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Episode 103 - Totally Fract Up

Paul is back from the wilderness after defeating all of the nature and he is mad as hell!  Also he played the smooth synthetic tones of FRACT OSC while Simone got down and dirty with Portal 2 Thinking with Time Machines Mod and James gets it on with Hitman Go.  Not to mention that the landfill of ET cartridges has finally been uncovered, Mario Golf World Tour, Snoop Dog, The Great Ace Attorney and much more including another great week of crowd funding projects.


Crowd Funding Picks

Simone: The Universim

James: Imagine Earth


Paul: Hover

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Questions! Answers! Some of them correct! Ben tests the crews gaming knowledge in the first 8.5bit Quiz Show. Are Simone and James a match for Ben's mighty Wikipedia skills?!

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Paul is off climbing a mountain or something, so this week Ben takes the reins as host! Simone joins us again to talk about her iron-fisted management in Prison Architect, and all the genderly ambigious green dinosaurs you can handle with Yoshi's New Island. James says some stuff about Elder Scroll Online again, and totally didn't throw up when riding a virtual Hoverboard in Hill Valley. Kickstarters, mystery sounds, this episode has it all!

Except Paul. There is very little Paul in this episode.

Crowd Sourcing Picks: 

James: No. 2 Game
Simon: Hearth Forth, Alicia
Ben: Salvaged

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Top 5 - Multiplayer games that failed to foster a community

I thought there was a party here tonight? Oh there is. Did everyone leave already?  Can I stay? Actually.. umm I have to be somewhere else. Thanks though. Looks great.


Next Week: Top 5 Parody Games

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Episode 101 - Wonderful Worlds to Explore (You can include ESO if you want)

Welcome to Eight and a Half Bit 101. In today’s lesson we will cover James going on about Elder Scrolls Online for some reason, Paul’s history with the Mercenary Kings and Ben’s well documented obsession with Kinect Sports Rivals.  We’ve got demos for Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect and Chaos Reborn plus SOE announces a DayZ competitor and we would be amis if we did not also mention the amazing underwater exploration in Subnautica, Smash Bros news, a new Borderlands and a partridge in a pear tree!

Crowd Sourcing Picks

Ben: Pixel Noir

James: Prisonscape

Paul: Outcast Reboot HD

Top 5 - Games to Play with your Partner

Having a partner is like having a friend except 30% better because your shame is their shame.

Next Week: Top 5 Multiplayer Games that never found a community

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Episode 100 - 100 Shades of Yay

100 episodes in and we’ve decided to celebrate by talking about video games! What a treat!  We get into some Goat Simulator, Monument Valley, the Amazon Fire TV, April Fool’s Day, a bunch of other stuff and maybe some cake? (Spoiler: There is no cake involved)

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: The Breakout

James: Dead Years

Paul: Four Sided Fantasy

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Top 5 - Mining Games

What treasures are there to be found hidden in the depths? Perhaps an abandoned copy of this podcast someone sealed away for future generations to enjoy!

Next Week: Top 5 games to play with your partner

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