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Top 5 - Games with which you would reboot the game industry

When the revolution comes and all history of games is wiped out, how will we rebuild?

Next week: Top 5 uses of drugs in games

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Episode 116 - Bang, Bang, Vroom, Vroom, Blah, Blah

The Destiny Beta went public this weekend and we got all over that Halo-esque MMO inspired FPS epic. We have varied feelings on the subject! Is obsession the result of this week’s Cheapskate’s Game Club Trials Frontier?  Fine out with your ears.  Also some Darkwood, Star Wars: Commander, Magic 2015, Battlefield Hardline and some great crowd funding projects.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Trials Frontier
Next week: Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Northward
Ben: Disciples of the Storm
Paul: Fa’el: Beyond the Gate

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Top 5 - Score Attack Games

Get dem numbers as big as y'all can now.

Next week: Top 5 games with which you would reboot the game industry

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Episode 115 - Opportunistic Marketing

Half the crew is missing! But that's ok, James and Ben joined by the ever dashing Cameron Owen to help fill the ranks. Ben poorly describes he wanted to share, James sells out for Tail Drift, and Cam just classes up the joint. We talk a bunch of Magic: The Gathering 2015, a whole bunch of Microsoft things, mathamatics, and DOOOOOOOM!

Cheapskate Game Club: Postponed 'til next week when everyone is back!

Crowd Picks

James: Snot
Ben: Knuckle Club
Cam: Bacon Man - An Adventure

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Top 5 - Novel uses of Death

Sometimes death isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Next week: Top 5 score attack games

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Episode 114 - Toddlers and Pools

I'm leaving for my honeymoon in a few minutes... do you really think I have time to write a description? Wolf Among Us, Wildstar, Sims 4, Highgrounds and other things!

Chepskate's Game Club: Highgrounds

Next Week: Trials Frontier (Android/iOS)

Crowd Funding Picks:

Ben: After Reset

Simone and James: Joan Mad Run

Paul: A.V.

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Top 5 - Games Where Swimming Can Kill You

The water looked so inviting but now you're dead.  Who's laughing now?

Next Week: Top 5 novel uses of death

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Episode 113 - Wizards and Hitler

We're all mad for and at Magicka: Wizard Wars this week. We talk WW1 with Valiant Hearts, WW2 with Double Hitler and while discussing controversy in the e-sports world we touch on the upcoming Gender Wars. Who will you fight for?

Cheapskate's Game Club: Magicka: Wizard Wars

Next Week: Highgrounds

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Radial-G

Simone: Rock Simulator 2014

James: Mighty Tactical Shooter

Paul: Rampage Knights

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Top 5 - Games of E3 2014

E3 has come and gone for another year and I think it was a pretty good show all round. But good isn't good enough for us. Only the best is worth “good enough” on the wild plains of Eight and a Half Bit.

Next Week: Top 5 games where swimming will kill you.

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