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Top 5 - Games that break the 4th wall

Like Miley Cyrus straddling a large destructive ball we are knocking down some walls and redefining your previously held expectations.

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Episode 077 - Week of Scandal

Four scandals in just one week! What is the gaming community coming to!? Youtube takedowns, unfinished games, unintended nudity, setting children on fire are all part of this week’s discussion. Don’t just focus on the troubles though we have some excellent games to discuss and the best game of all time is being kickstarted!

Crowd funding picks

Paul and Ben: Night in the Woods

James: Red Baron

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Sometimes when you play a game everything feels perfect except for the entire base design. Chuck it out, we know what's what.

Next Week: Top 5 games that break the 4th wall

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Episode 076 - The Stanley Pokemon

Paul loves The Stanley Parable, James loves Pokemon X & Y and Ben loves the feeling he gets when everything is safe and friendly. Rabbids vs Angry Birds, Projected AR and of course the return of BOOGERMAN!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: Obduction

Paul: Boogerman (Bonus: Eden Star and Scale)

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Top 5 - Bad Games with Good Ideas

Just because the final product wasn't perfect doesn't mean the ideas weren't good. I mean having a son was a fine idea by my parents but... well we all know how that turned out.

Next Week: Top 5 Games which would have been better as another genre

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Episode 075 - Link Exposed

We get down with Teleglitch, play some Wind Waker HD, question David Cage’s choice regarding Ellen Page’s private areas and get down with the most unbelievable Kickstarter Pitch we’ve ever seen.

Crowd Funding Picks

James and Ben:Air Dash Online

Paul: Beyond Eyes

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Paul and James have a chat with Mitch Gitelman about his coming and goings. We talk Shadowrun, Golem Arcana, and secret projects that most certainly aren't Crimson Skies... maybe...

Join us on our poorly planned, but mostly informative, adventure!

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Hey there games industry. We all know ideas are the hardest part of developing a game and are extremely valuable on their own. Count yourselves lucky because here are 15 of the damn things for the price of FREE!  We’ve done the hard work now just spend the next 4-10 years turning our ideas into reality, YOU’RE WELCOME!

Next Week: Top 5 Good Ideas in Bad Games

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Episode 074 - Re-Vita-Lised

Paul got himself a Vita and won’t shut up about it while the other two continue on their GTA 5 adventures.  There is some very relaxing news and one of the best crowd funding projects we’ve seen in a while.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and Paul: RimWorld

James: Pulsar

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Top 5 - Real Life Lessons Learned from Video Games

You can learn a lot from video games. For instance did you know that real life has permadeath?

Next Week: Top 5 games we wish existed

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