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Top 5 - Games of 2012

It's a new year so what would be more appropriate than summing up the best games of two years ago? It's time for the annual Eight and a Half Bit Top 5 of the year before last! If we still remember them, they must have been good.

Next week: Top 5 classic games you can get on digital distribution

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Episode 086 - 2013 Spectacular

2013 is near its end so now is the time to reflect, take stock and memorize lottery numbers in case we’re ever suddenly sent back in time. Listen for 9 of the best awards of the year plus our industry, gaming and crowd funding highlights. Sorry about Paul and Ben arguing.

Crowfunding picks of the year

Paul: 3. Sunless Sea  2. Darkwood 1. Night In the Woods

James: 3. RetroWorld 2. Red Baron 1. Dex

Ben: 3. Torment Tides of Numenera 2. Soccer Legends 1. Obduction

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It’s Christmas today so have a podcast on us! It’s about all the good games on the Wii. Now I must eat an entire ham.

Next Week: Top 5 games of 2012

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Episode 085 - PS4 and a Sad Koala Christmas Spectacular

Paul got his PS4 this week so get ready to hear all about that. South Park: The Stick of Truth has been censored in Australia, Ben hates Disney and James gets all Starbound on this exciting Christmas episode!

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We all have trouble resisting that urge to murder our fellow man but not all of life pursuits must be spent serving our dark desires. That in mind here's some game where you're not a murderer!

Next Week: Top 5 Wii Games

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Episode 084 - Robo-Geisha on a flying piece of cheese

Flying on a piece of cheese

Holding it between your knees

Sailing through the Milky Way

For extra content you will pay

James finds out if EA screwed up Dungeon Keeper, Ben finds life very difficult and Paul tries to find his own heart in Doki Doki universe.  The VG ex-A’s held a few surprises this week and the let’s players are dealing with bullshit again.  All this and more in your weekly podcast audio listening to talking style thing.

Crowd funding picks

Ben: The Golem of Prague, Paul and James: Below Kryll

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Top 5 - Games with Awesome Destruction

I like it when the thing blew up

Next Week: Top 5 Games where you're not a murdering bastard

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Paul plays all the games (Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Wolf Among Us, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Broken Sword 5, Shadow Warrior, SteamWorld Dig), James plays some of those games plus Galactic Starfighter and Ben finally plays an XBone game on his Xbone!

Crowd Funding Pick: The Slaughter

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Top 5 - Multiplatform Games of Generation Six

This last generation has been pretty darn spiffy. Here's the non exclusive games we thought were the spiffiest!

Next Week:  Top 5 games with awesome destruction

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Episode 082 - Like the incredible Machine but with Murder

Super Mario 3D World makes quite the impression on Paul and James, Ben plays with his Xbone, there’s WOW talk, the state of streaming on next gen and a bear that carries a god damn treasure chest! Also all the games are now Persona! I really should try a Persona game. I bet you’ve played the series haven’t you? Damn listeners always better than me.


Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Starwhal: Just the Tip

James: Grow

Paul: Treasure Bear

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