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Top 5 - Xbox Games

The best games for the Xbox 1, I mean Xbox. The original one. But not the One. Here’s some games for that thing.

Next week: Top 5 Literary Games

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Episode 064 - Shadowrun in the Pikmin Garden

We’ve got Pikmin 3! Shadowrun Returns! Rudd Vs Abbot!  TWO NEW SIMS 3 EXPANSIONS!!! These topics are getting less interesting as I go along. The first two though? Worth all of your time! Also Downton Abbey, Firefly and how Nintendo hates japan!

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Episode 063 - PAX- travaganza

PAX Australia by all accounts was a massive success that will surely continue to grow and become part of the Australian gaming landscape. James and Paul were there and rant about it ALL EPISODE and Ben has to stop running his mouth off all the time and listen!

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Will he put a deliberate spelling mistake of the post as some obvious irony? Nope. But there might be one anyway. I'm pretty terrible at spelling.

Next week: Top 5 games for the original xbox

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No show for yo

James recorded this without pants

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Episode 062 - Prepare yourself (For the fun)

New Grand Theft Auto, new Ratchet and Clank, new Tex Murphy, new Steam sales. Stick that up your fun and smoke it.

Crowdfunding Picks

Paul: Organic Panic

James: Lioness

Ben: Organic Panic

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Top 5 - Games we played wrong

I know we seem like gaming super geniuses but the truth is we can make mitacks.

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Episode 061 - Twice as Scandalous Twice as Fine

So much scandal this week as we rant about Doublefine’s budget concerns, EA's unethical sales and Nintendo’s unending stubbornness. Also The Last of Us, Kickstarters and more No Break Valet!

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Top 5 - Uses of Colour in a Videogame

Red, Yellow, Blue, Red again. That's all of em.

Next week: Top 5 Games we played wrong

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Episode 060 - Welcome to the Ban Down Under

Ben takes the lead!  Seriously!  Saints Row and State of Decay censorship, Sad clowns, Sex lines, Walking around doingthings games!  Can you dig all there is to be dug?

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