Eight and a Half Bit

Here's one for the kids.  Let's hear it for the shorties!

Next week: Top 5 Cancelled Games

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This week an entire continent gave thanks to us! Bless you Africa!  In response we decided to talk about some videogames for once.

GAMECLUB included this episode so I hope everyone got their Dreamweb on.  Considering the length of the game we're going to alter the plan for the next edition and play through the rest of the game.

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How did it come to this? 

Next week: Top 5 games you would use to introduce your eight and a half year old to gaming.

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It’s been a hot, hot week!  We’ve been feeling the burn both inside and out what with the ever increasing attacks from our lord The Sun and our love of chilli.  Also popular games have been happening including Ben’s smoking hot wife Black Op’s 2, Paul’s burning desire Little Inferno, and James’ heat related pun involving Ragnarok Odyssey.  Combine that with our usual Kickstarters, News and delightful banter and you’ve got yourself a stew.


WARNING: If you were look forward to the new Gaemclub this week I’m sorry to inform you that it has been delayed until next week due to unforeseen circumstances.

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This episode was built brick by brick by a team of experts. Do not attempt to build your own city at home.

Next week: Top 5 Games that represent another member of Eight and a Half Bit (Blame Paul for the most self indulgent concept ever)

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We have an exciting treat for our listeners this episode. Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment joins us to discuss their recently kickstarted Project Eternity plus the state of the industry.  That's not all however! We also force Ben to play an indie game, play a bunch of Halo 4, discus the trend of custom load outs and attack the news so hard we've got a restraining order to ignore.

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What a bunch of good lookin bits we've got for you today!  A feast for your ear eyes as we count down our top 5 pretty games.

Next week: Top 5 City Builders

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Episode 026 -  Ermahgerd Erssersins Creeeed

In this episode here the boys discuss, topics, subjects and themes. Be marveled by their tone and varied articulation while falling in love with some of the things they say, while truth be told hating other ideas they express.

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