Eight and a Half Bit

You so called psychics will never guess word for word everything the boys say in this episode! Here are some hints:

James will say more things about at least one game in the Metal Gear Series

Paul was briefly engrossed with a iOS puzzle Game.

Ben continues his badminton obsession.

News attack has a new format which will blow your mind!

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I hate these characters on a train. I hate these characters in the rain. I wish they would go down in flames. I hate them in my video games.

Next week: Top 5 ways to die!

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Episode 020 - The podcast with well integrated multiplayer

Topics, subjects, oppions and comments. We've got them all. Want to hear about Torchlight 2? PES 2013? Borderlands 2? Guild Wars 2? Tutu 2? Scooby Tooby two? We've got it all and best of all nobody got fired.

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I'm so ashamed! You'll like us all a little bit less after this episode. Judge us harshly and never let us forget.

Next Week: Top 5 Least Likeable Protagonists

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It's show time kids. Ben takes his time to turn up but that doesn't stop us getting into the nitty gritty of Black Mesa, Wii-U launch, the terrible turn Overstrike has taken, MGS3D, Obsidian's new Kickstarter and 4 more things!  Get it into you!

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Holy Ghost Batman! Let's chow down on the Eucharist, face Mecca, summon Loki and hope the three of us get reincarnated with better internet connections. It's time for our top 5 religious games! Things are going to get Biblical.

Next week: Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

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This week the boys discuss kickstarting Beneath a Steel Sky 2, and other equally important issues, like how people can kickstart Beneath a Steel Sky 2. James totally forgets who Chris Taylor is, Paul enjoys extreme wagon simulations, and Ben gives the latest on his Black Op’s 2 dilemma! Also, hang around to hear about how you can kick start Beneath a Steel Sky 2!

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Things get a little blue this week as we explore the fun and the twisted world of sexy sexy games.  We forgot to mention Rez though. We probably should have done that. Oh and NSFW content if you couldn't guess.

Next week: Top 5 Religious Games

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Ben has a dilemma for us to solve int this episode. Also some interesting things are discussed such as Guild Wars 2, PAX Australia, The Stanley Parable, various medical problems and Total Annihilation

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