Eight and a Half Bit

There are robots underwater, robots climbing out of the walls and even robots playing basketball!  How did we get so many bloody great robots?

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Douse
Next Week: Missing Translation


Show Notes

Oculus Touch

Oculus Games

Rick and Morty + Stanley Parable

The Park Screenshots

Volgarr on DC

BLOPS3 is still on last gen and sucks?

Wolfenstein: TNO sequel leaked

What with the legs of the Angry Birds?!


Crowd Funding

First Wonder

Allison Road

Top Secret

TGL: Thanksgiving LIFE

Them’s Fighting Herds


NBA 2K16, SOMA, Rainbow 6: Siege, Oculus Touch, Oculus Rift, Bullet Train, Android Assault Cactus, Angry Birds Movie, First Wonder, Alison Road, Top Secret, TGL: Thanksgiving Life, Them’s FIghting Herds, Rinse and Repeatt, Douse, The Park, Destiny

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FMVGames - Episode 6 - Sell Outs

Worlds of Warships presents FMVGames: A World of Warships Production! Starring World of Warships and... OTHERS! James says The Taken King has fixed World of Destiny, Paul revisits World of Grow Home and we delve into all the shenanigans of World of TGS2015!

Cheapskate's Game Club: World of Fishing Planet
Next Week: World of Douse

Picks of the Week
James: World of Legacy of the Elder Star
Paul: World of Warships

 Show Notes
Dark Souls 3
Lost in Harmony
Project Setsuna
Manifold Garden
Crowd Funding
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
Gray Dawn
12 is better than 6
Battle Chasers: Nightwar
A House of Many Doors
The Hollow Earth
Legacy of the Elder Star

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FMVGames - Episode 5 - Assault on Android Cactus

James and Paul go on a crime spree in this very special episode of FMVGames. Can we get an S rank on our mission to extract video game information and opinions from Witch Beam, the talented indie team behind Android Assault Cactus?  We will succeed or kill while trying.

Assault Android Cactus, Metal Gear Sold V, Apple, Dreamcast, Pikmin 4, Super Mario Maker, Ubisoft Themepark

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Presenting the last Konami published game anyone is going to care about! Well history will sort that out, for now let's stealth our way through some Metal Gear Solid V and smash our way through the wastelands of Mad Max.  Do you prefer quantity over quality? Paul reviews of 50 games from the Ludum Dare and counts down the top 10 games.

Cheapskate's Game Club: The Stranger
Next Week: Fishing Planet

James' Pick of the Week: MGSV
Paul's Pick of the Week: Xeodrifter

Top 10 Ludum Dare 33 Jam Entries

  1. The Old One
  2. Trick Parade
  3. I am the Sun
  4. Wayward
  5. Starvin Sasquatch
  6. Mild Mannered Richard
  7. There are Tourists in my Castle
  8. Massacre Monday
  9. Super Sea Serpent Simulator
  10. A Bad Wolf King is Hard to Feed

Mad Max, La Mulana Ex, Super Time Force, Xeodrifter, Ludum Dare 33, Metal Gear Solid 5, Destiny, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Deadpool, Jackbox Party Pack 2, A Bad Wolf King is Hard to Feed, Super Sea Serpent Simulator, Massacre Monday, There are tourists in my castle, Mild Mannered Richard, Starvin Sasquatch, Wayward, I am the Sun, Trick Parade, The Old One, The Stranger, Ant Simulator

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FMVGames - Episode 3 - It's Reigning Men

Twas the week before MGSV and all through the house were shit loads of video games because the world doesn't just stand around waiting for your metal gear bullshit! Satellite Reign, Stasis, Lara Croft Go, Party Hard, Lawbreakers and James' god damn hat!

Cheapskate's Game Club: Relic Hunters Zero

Next Week: The Stranger

James' Pick of the Week: Satellite Reign

Paul's Pick of the Week: Party Hard

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