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Top 5 - Early Works

Everybody has to start somewhere. You could start by downloading this incredible episode of Top 5 and a half bit!

Next week: Top 5 anticipated games of 2014

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Interview - Mitch Gitelman on Shadowrun Dragonfall

Friend of the show Mitch Gitelman returns to discuss the upcoming expansion to Shadowrun Returns entitled Dragonfall. Aside from that we delve into many RPG related concepts and get Mitch’s thoughts on player agency among many other topics.

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Elevator Pitch - Wayward Terran Frontier

We talk to George Hultgren about his incredible looking project, Wayward Terran Frontier which mixes space adventure with hardcore ship simulation. You can support the project on kickstarter or follow the game and try the alpha at the game’s home page.

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Nintendo is dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed except for all their money and fantastic games. Nidhogg rules and so does the DayZ Standalone, King.com try to sue the candy out of everyone, Assassin’s creed meets Batman Arkum Asylum in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and a truly knock out week of crowd funding projects await within.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Cradle

James: ReVeN

Paul: La Mulana 2

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Top 5 - Good Games with Bad Ideas

As an alternate take on our old “Bad games with Good Ideas” list we present the shockingly titled “Good Games with Bad Ideas”. How do we do it?!

Next Week: Top 5 Early Works

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Episode 89 - Broken Wallets

The Kickstarters are returning! See the proud creatures as they roam freely through the open fields of the interwebz. Also we talk about Double Fine’s Broken Age, if game discounting is a good thing and valve did so much this week it gets its own news attack.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: Wayward Terran Frontier

Paul: Project Rain World

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Top 5 - PS3 Exclusives

Have you heard of the Playstation 3? It's a game playing device! There are even some game that can only be played on this particular type of game station. Come in and join our three intrepid adventurers as we discuss our top 5 games that fall under that previously mentioned category of games that can only be played on the Playstation 3. I mean what am I going to write here really? The entire concept of the episode is summed up in the title. This is pretty much pointless and a bit hard really. Anyone ever read this episode text? I don't and I write it. I might go get some breakfast. Don't get too excited it's just cereal.

Next Week: Top 5 Good Games with Bad Ideas

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Episode 088 - Videogame Abbey

It’s time for another scandalous episode of Eight and a half bit. From the Kaiju inspired monsters of Evolve to the emotional artiness of Continue?9876543210 James, Paul and a suspiciously quiet Ben handle the daily chores of running the most Videogame Abbey in town.

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Top 5 - Classic Games available for Digital Download

Did you grow up with ye olde games? Are you currently growing up and have therefore missed out on ye olde games?! You can still play them and some of them are so easy to get all you need to do is use The Secret (money and internet).

Next week: Top 5 PS3 Exclusives

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Episode 087 - Hot Present, Hot Future, Hot Potato

Welcome to 2014 and there is so much to look forward to. Sporting events, movies you like, funky new tunes and even some video games will be happening. Come with us as we journey into the world of your jumping, shooting, puzzling and general game experiencing.

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