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Top 5 - Games Within Games

When a game is so generous it gives you another game for free Eight and a Half Bit will be there to judge those extra, sometimes elusive games within games.

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Episode 055 - The Elephant in the Room (It's the Xbox One)

It’s finally here with all the game talk you’ve been waiting for! Xbox One A game made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a chemical spill simulator, Paul catches up with a game from 2 years ago, the winners of the Lundum Dare and maybe something else! It’s obviously the Xbox One. Who knows what it will be?

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Top 5 - Games with which to represent humanity to an alien race

If we must be probed at least make sure they do it right.

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Episode 054 - No Nintendo, No!

Oh Nintendo will you ever learn? Probably not but we still love you. We've got Soul Sacrifice, Doritos Crash Course 2, Magicka, Wizard Wars, EA Douchebaggery, Steam trading cards and delicious freshly baked crowd funding projects for you to digest.

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Top 5 - Matching Games

Is it the same? Yes? Then you win!

Next Week: Top 5 games you would show aliens to represent the human race

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Episode 053 - I Give it a Year

It's been one year since our little show started and everyone is celebrating with us! Darkwood launched its indiegogo campaign to honour us, Shadow Warrior is getting a reboot, Sony supporting experimental games and even EA is changing some of its business practices all for us!

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Top 5 - Action Game Mechanics

Pull the trigger until it goes click!

You said it man!

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Episode 052 - If we pretend this episode is about Call of Duty: Ghosts it will boost the ratings

All the Call of Duty: Ghosts news you can handle! Yep that's all we talk about. We don't just briefly mention it and spend most of our time discussing weird Kickstarter projects, Rayman Legends, Starcraft 2 and hilariously ironic game piracy.  We wouldn't pull a classic switcheroo on our listeners like that.