Eight and a Half Bit
Top 5 - Characters that deserve to be on a Reality Television Show and what that Reality Television Show should be

*sigh* Actually it's surprisingly good. Don't just take my word for it, download it and find out for yourself! Whether you like it or not the download still counts towards our overall numbers.

Next Week: Top 5 games based on Feature Films

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Episode 042 - Life, The Universe and Playstation 4

The PS4 is fuelled by dreams and magical rainbows. While we may never again be able to play in our grundies again under the watchful eye of Big Console everything is new again and that makes us feel good.  Also if we find time we'll discuss some other games and our regular rubbish!

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Top 5 - Childhood Memories

We were all children once. Stupid, ugly children. That goes double for us.  How did we spend the hours while we tried to hide from the judgemental eyes of the world? Some of the games mentioned in this episode would be included in the answer to that question!


Next week: Top 5 characters that deserve their own Reality Television show and what the show would be.  Yep it's a Ben week.

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Episode 041 - Alien Vs Pre-order-tor

Wow Gearbox! WOW! Also we've got some details on the PS4 which is only 3 sleeps away from its suposed revelation!  Chuck in some cult leader training, metal hats and Nazi Zombies and you've got your self an Eight and a Half Bit stew.

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Top 5 - Local Multiplayer Games

Common knowledge dictates that you should keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. One should devour their frenemies however so they remain closest of all, eventually reaching up through your spinal column and throttling your optic nerve. This is the game of life, the most local multiplayer game of them all but there are at least 15 others worth discussing and that is the subject of today's riveting episode of Top 5 and a Half Bit!

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Episode 040 - A World Without Joy

A week of ups and downs. Rayman gets a massive delay, The Witcher 3 is announced and the next Xbox has some seriously concerning rumours surrounding it. Also did anyone else like ObsCure?

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Top 5 - Games in which to entrap Paul for all eternity

Well... it sure is an interesting topic!

Next week: Top 5 - Local Multiplayer games

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Episode 039 - The Greatest Episode of all Time

Sometimes everything is just the best and today that may as well be this podcast.  The PS4, torture in splintered cell, the best DLC ever, OUYA, Valve’s long term goals and we all get to play Balloon Fight. Well Paul does.

It’s not just for us though let James know you care about “sounds a bit like” and guess the game!  Sexy photos of the cast for all winners.

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