Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 073 - Steam Time in Bear Town

We’ve got heaps of steam with Steam OS, Steam Machines and the Steam Controller!  We also become obsessed with the most subtle of games Bear Town.  Beyond: Two Souls demo impressions, Worms 3, GTA V, the future of game streaming and SO MUCH MORE!


Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: The Ballads of Reemus 2

Paul: Spark Rising

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When we're not busy watching Yahoo Serious films or rocking out to Russell Crowe singing in '30 Odd Foot of Grunts' we Aussies occasionally develop videogames. 

Next Week: Top 5 Games that taught you a lesson

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So what is likely the year’s biggest title Grand Theft Aut…. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING IN THIS HOHOKUM TRAILER?! Oh dear god that’s disgusting. Sorry. Grand Theft Auto V has been released and has made all of the money. Wow. Still shaken by what I saw in that Hohokum trailer.  That game… my soul belongs to you.  Also a bunch of other games and some excellent crowd funding projects this week!


Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: Soccer Legends

Paul:  Slip

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We speak with the legendary Chris Jones about the upcoming return of Tex Murphy with Tesla Effect among SEVERAL other topics!

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Scoring, passing, tackling, jumping, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other'ing, etc no matter what your sports-wording is sports are a thing that happen. Sometimes they happen in videogames.

Next week: Top 5 - Games from Australia

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What happened this week!? The VitaTV comes out of nowhere, Ubisoft reveals a bunch of amazing looking games, there are quality crowd sourced games everywhere, minecraft clones excel beyond simple comparisons, heaps of kickstarted projects were released. James played Godus and Paul went camping all while Ben is still on the first boss of Diablo 3.  How do we fit it all in? We just talk for longer.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: River City Ransom
James: The Fall
Paul:  Hyper Light Drifter

It's like the top 5 movies of the 90's except about PC games! RADICAL!

Next week: Top 5 Sport Games

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Australia has spoken and they have chosen Diablo 3 on PS3 over the PC version.  Divekic has been elected to the senate along with MGS5 and Whore of the Orient.  The new policies regarding the PS4’s virtual reality solution has yet to be details but it won’t stop the pendant speculate. Speaking of speculating we do some of that!

Crowd Funding Pick: Sunless Sea (three way tie)

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We chat to the notorious film maker and politically incorrect person, Uwe Boll about his kickstarter for Postal 2, film career, funding, his life and reputation plus anything else that came to mind. 

Check out his kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1544635303/postal-2

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Virtual Man/Woman/Alien/Catterpiller/Block/Etc's best friend/s!

Next week: Top 5 PC games of the 90's

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What a sexy episode we have for you all today. James has been getting it on with Contraption Maker and Divekick while Paul has his way with Mount Your Friends. Ben gets sick of sex jokes.  There are some fantastic crowd funding projects we chat about the 2DS and games that none of us will ever get to play.


Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: .Decimal

James: Octopus City Blues

Paul: Death Road to Canada

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