Eight and a Half Bit
Top 5 - Boss Fights

Fight em, Punch em, Hit them till they drop. Game-Boss-es. Then do it all again for their second form. Or maybe even a  third if you're lucky

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Episode 051 - Criminal Minorminds

Monaco has taught us much about the criminal lifestyle and now we are ready to take our skills one step further.  Stealing Nintendo and 2K games from this year’s E3, cloning Lutrausers and downright sacrificing Homeworld to Gearbox. These are but a few of our crimes and we've only been at it for a day.

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Top 5 - Chill-Out Games

Are you a cool enough dude to chillax?

Next Week: Top 5 Boss Fights

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Episode 050 - Eat Some Cake

50 Episodes? Cake time!  Also The Evil Within, Monster Hunter Online, Nintendo Direct and Among the Sleep time. We've also got religious controversy and moral questions coming out of our big round numbered butts.

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Top 5 - Racing Games

Brum-brum-brum-brum VROOOM! Screech! Crash! 4th place! A personal best!

Next week: Top 5 Chill Out Games

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Interview - Q-Games

Rowen Parker and John Davis of Q-Games (Developers of the venerable PixelJunk series) join us for a casual Tusday afternoon chat about the deliciously soupy PixelJunk Inc, the never ending and always exciting possibilities of modding and the chunder exposing awesomeness of the Oculus Rift. Will PixelJunk Inc support the Oculus rift? I guess you'll just have to listen to find out.

Yes it will (No just kidding/lying for hits).

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Episode 049 - We talk about Dark Souls II in this episode

In this episode we talk about Dark Souls II.

Oh more?  Also Guacamelee, the Flashback reboot, ukulele playing dinosaurs, Russian hackers and the Batman fall victim to our "Eight and a Half Banter"™.

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SPOILER ALERT - Bioshock Infinite

Have you played Bioshock Infinite yet?  If you haven't GO AWAY AND DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! YOU WILL REGRET IT. Now that I've used all the capslock I am allowed would the rest of you kindly join me for a discussion about the most interesting title of recent times.

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Top 5 - Games that would be better as TV/Movies

I think we can all agree gameplay is the one thing not needed in videogames. They would be better as passive experiences that play themselves! If only there was a media format that provided that experience...

Next Week: Top 5 racing games

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Episode 048 - This Dog Eating a Sausage

Metal Gear Solid 5, EA swears they will become "not the worst" and Paul falls in love with a chicken while ben goes for the mouse alternative.
R.I.P Lucasarts!

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Top 5 - Spin-Off Games

From Assassin's Creed Kart Racing to Bioshock Kart Racing we will run the gamut of spin-off possibilities.

Next Week: Top 5 Games that would be better as TV/Movies

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