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Top 5 - Games with Dinosaurs

Rawr *stomp* *extinction* Dinosaurs rule!

Next week: Top 5 Games of the 6th generation.

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Episode 081 - Tear You a New (Xbox) One

To celebrate the release of the Xbox One we let Ben host the show so he can talk about his new purchase. Paul plays Tearaway and stick it to the Man while James spends his time with the new Zelda on the 3DS.

Crowd Funding Picks

Paul: Retroworld

James: Retroworld

Ben: Her Majesty’s SPIFFING

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Quality Assurance – Daikatana

Today we release our new show upon the world. We invite you all to come and behold the glory of Quality Assurance, the monthly show where we talk about the positive aspects of some of gaming’s most derided titles with a special guest star! For our pilot episode we tackle the iconic Daikatana with the very classy Liam Hill (designer for Defiant Development and previously Lionhead).  Please enjoy.

Next month we will be playing Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.

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We've played a lot of games and sometimes we've done it in unusual ways. What ways? I'd tell you but then listening wouldn’t be so vitally important.

Next week: Top 5 games with dinosaurs

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Episode 080 - Brand New Consoles That We Don't Own

The Playstation 4 is released but not in our country so… we’ve got that going. James flies a plane, Ben goes on a holiday and Paul rants about pixel art. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Child of Light, the new Uncharted, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, how the indie revolution is over and our weekly kickstarters are all accounted for this week. Paul even gets to drop Jodorowsky into a videogame discussion!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: 1979 Revolution

James: Dex

Paul: LISA

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Elevator Pitch - Stasis

We talk Chris Bischoff, the man behind the exciting and gorgeous sci-fi, horror, adventure game Stasis.  Unfortunately there is no video to go along with this pitch today as google hates everyone but we make up for it with Chris' charm plus James and Paul shutting up most of the time.

Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/stasis-2d-isometric-scifi-horror-adventure-game

Homepage: www.stasisgame.com

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Top 5 - Games We Never Played

Are these games any good?  We literally don't know. We've never played them.

Next week: Top 5 interesting ways we've played

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Ben plays his favourite game, anticipation after pre-ordering an XBone, Paul gets really into Forced and James plays some kinda real life game. Urgh how dreadful. Harmonix has an awesome looking new game in Thumper, we learn our morals from a robot in Doki Doki Universe and Nintendo shows us why we can’t have nice things. A big bunch of awesome looking kickstarters including one Paul almost forgets to discuss because he’s an idiot.  All that and more!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Bullet Bros

James: Dungeon Dyslexia

Paul: Interstellaria

Special “How the fuck did I forget to talk about it?!” award: Stasis

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Top 5 - Easy Games

We're all so easy and we like easy games. Simple and easy that's us. Especially Ben. Super easy!

Next Week: Top 5 Games We Never Played

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Episode 078 - That Spooky Episode

What spooky tales we have in store for our dear listeners today. The Dark Souls sequel terrifyingly titled “Dark Souls 2” a puzzle game by the name of “Pressurizer” for ghoulish mobile devices and also Mario Party!  So spooky.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Next Car Game

James: Paradise Lost: First Contact

Paul: Between Me and the Night

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