Eight and a Half Bit
Top 5 - Video Game Ripoffs

We're just a ripoff of ABBA. Oh you missed their hipster video game podcast phase? You really missed out.

Next week: Top 5 games of 2013 (not a typo)

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Episode 138 - 2014 Showdown

End of the year!  In this episode we talk about everything.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Gems of War
Next Week: Second Life

Crowdfunding Picks of the Year
James: Witchmarsh
Ben: The Flame in the Flood
Paul: Frog Fractions 2

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Top 5 - Games with Dance

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine

Next week: Top 5 Video Game Rip-Offs

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Episode 137 - Xmas Party

There ain't no Party like a Chritmas party. James goes back to the Time of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Paul finishes the Unfinished Swan at long last and there's a whole lot of Hatred for us all to share in.

Cheapskate's Game Club: InkQuest
Next Week: Gems of War

Crowd Funding Picks
James and Ben: But I Love You
Paul: Daydreamer

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Top 5 - Games that make you Gamy McGame

I have no idea.

Next week: Top 5 - Games with Dance

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Episode 136 - Way to go Jerry

For a special treat we pushed record on this episode so you could listen to it and share in our musings.  The video game awards brought more than a few surprises as did the Sony Experience. Ben plays Dragon Age: Inquisition, James gets into Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Paul has just been photographing volleyball.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Wonderputt
Net Week: InkQuest

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Interview - Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on Thimbleweed Park

Ron Gilbert is back and this time he's brought along his old friend and collaborator Gary Winnick to talk about their currently crowd funding adventure game "Thimbleweed Park". Only 60% of the episode is off topic. A new record!

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Top 5 - Games With Punching

What a punchy list.

Next Week: Top 5 Games that make you Gamy McGame (Yeah we don't get it either)

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Episode 135 - We Lost the Episode

Well this is embarrassing. In today's episode we talked about a bunch of great subjects. If only we had recorded it properly.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Digital: A Love Story

Next Week: Wonderputt

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Top 5 - Ways We’d Give Popular Games a Kick in the Pants

Good things are good but could good things be better?

Next week: Top 5 Games with Punching

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Episode 134 - Things We Cooked Up In The Lab

In this episode we discuss the hot new video games Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force awakens.  We go off topic with some Tales from the Borderlands, Jackbox Party Pack, Strafe and Warframe for a while but then we get right back to blood donation.

Cheapskates Games Club: Warframe
Next Week: Digital: A Love Story

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Shooter's Den
Ben: Yes, Your Grace
Paul: Blood Sport

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They're the video games you love but in your pocket! Or at least it'd be nice if they were in your pocket.  Like James! He fits in some pockets.

Next Week: Top 5 ways we'd give popular games a kick in the pants

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Episode 133 - Holding Hands with Miss Swift

Taylor Swift makes us say WOW and commits a Grand Theft of the heart in today’s most pop culture embracing episode. Paul talks the most, James a bit less and Ben the least of all. We respect tradition here at the Eight and One Half Bits.

Cheapskate’s Games Club: Photobomb
Next Week: WarFrame (for real this time)

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Thimbleweed Park
Ben: Crossing Souls
Paul: To Azimuth

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Top 5 - Self Improvement Games

I'm already pretty good but maybe I could be a little better.

Next Week: Top 5 Games we wish were mobile

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Mario Kart DLC, Endless Legend, Advanced Warfare, Binding of Isaac Rebirth and all your favourites. Also Ben!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Neuronball
Next Week: Warframe (PC, PS4, XB1)

Crowd Funding Picks
James: That Dragon, Cancer
Ben and Paul: Scorn

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Top 5 - FMV Games
What could make a video game better than the video being in full motion? The FMV future is here!

Next week: Top 5 Self Improvement Games

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Episode 131 - Iterative Improvements

Long-time contributor Alex joins us as we discuss Blizzard's new IP Overwatch, first person GTAV, Shovel Knight, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Bayonetta 2, Splatoon and the greatness of Wales.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Tales of the Adventure Company
Next Week: Neuronball

Crowdfunding Picks
James and Alex: Gliese
Ben: Late to the Party
Paul: Override

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Episode 130 - Paxy Pax Pax

James and Paul have been at PAXAus 2014 and have so many adventures to share. So open your ear holes and get listening.

Next week we return to your regular programming.

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The wonderful Ron Gilbert joins James and Paul once again for a wildly unfocussed conversation at this year's PAX Australia. How do we connect Halloween, Mars travel, Envirobear, hidden object games, PewDiePie and rum? We're not sure.

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Top 5 - Game Characters Who Should Own A Small Business

One of our more serious lists.

Next Week: Top 5 FMV games

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In space everyone can still hear you ruin your career with one tweet. James plays Civ: Beyond Earth, Ben gets into Titanfall's new Frontier Defence mode and Paul finally finishes Metal Gear Solid 16 years after it's release. Super Smash Bros for Wii-U surprises us all with an arse load of content and a Paranatuical Activity Dev makes a very unfortunate mistake.

Cheapskate's Game Club: HRmageddon
Next Week: Tales of the Adventure Company

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Hit
Ben: Air Brawl
Paul: 2Dark

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There's nothing as exhilarating as listing games involving planes.  Or maybe flight. I dunno. They don't pay me.

Next Week: Top 5 Video Game Characters who should own a small business

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Gosh darn bread! It makes us so mad! This week the wonderful Kim Allom joins us to talk about the controversial Hatred and the equally offensive I am Bread while throwing in the delightful Consensual Torture Simulator for good measure. James and Paul have become hardcore trekkers and play Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator all while Ben continues to fiddle with his digital balls.

 Cheapskate's Game Club: Dog of Dracula 2
Next Week: HRmageddon

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Basement
Kim: Basement
Ben: Red Cobra
Paul: Cole: A Game About Coal

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Top 5 - Nintendo DS Games

How freaking great is the Nintendo DS?  Very freaking great.

Next Week: Top 5 - Plane Games

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Turns out we really like video games. Who knew?


Next Week: Top 5 Nintendo DS games

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Episode 126 - In the Shadow of Smash Bros

Smash Bros is out and Paul and James have a major issue with it. Shadow of Mordor impresses Paul, Fifa does the same for Ben and James gets all turned around by Spoiler Alert. PLUS HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!

Cheapskate's Game Club: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Next Week: Serena

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Highlands
James: Human Resources
Paul: Elegy for a Dead World

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Top 5 - Games Where You Play the Villain

Now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

Next Week: Top 5 things we like about the game industry

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Episode 125 - The Vanishing of Fate Grinder

Ben is back and he wants to talk about the forbidden game!  Paul searches for a young boy in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and rediscovers his own alternate youth as he finally breaks through the Metal Gear Solid barrier. James sticks his face in a virtual boy and is the envy of all.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Antbassador
Next Week: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Bedlam
James: No Pineapple Left Behind
Paul: Battle Chef Brigade

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Top 5 - Games that were before their time


Sometimes ideas are so grand they're like looking into the future!


Next week: Top 5 games where you play the villain


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Here comes a content filled episode with all the Smash Bros 3DS, more damn Destiny, Metal Gear, Bloodborne, Bayonetta, Extrasolar and other amazing things you can handle!

Cheapskates' Game Club: Extrasolar
Next Week: Antbassador

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Spacewrights
Paul: Flagship

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When the fire starts to burn there's a lesson you must learn. Something something then you'll see, video game fire is fun for me.

Next week: Top 5 games that were before their time

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Episode 123 - We Can't All Have An Interesting Destiny

James and Paul tackle the big questions this week. Is the Destiny backlash justified? Is Minecraft really worth 2.5 Billion? Will someone please give us Smash Bros 3DS demo codes already? If a Ben isn't on a podcast does he still not make a sound?

Cheapskate's Game Club: Ronin
Next Week: Extrasolar

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Black Hat Oculus
Paul: Paradigm

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Sometimes a taste can be better than the whole thing! That’s why people buy the single for pop albums and why they don’t drink an entire case of Absinthe.

Next week: Top 5 games with fire.

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Episode 122 - The Last Skype Episode of them All

Special announcement: If you hate our current audio quality this is the last time you should have to deal with it for a while. *fingers crossed* If you still love us though get ready for some Heroes of the Storm, VA-11 HALL-A, Alone in the Dark, 10 Bullets and a bunch of other good time fun topics for cool people.

Cheapskate's Game Club: 10 Bullets
Next Week: Ronin

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Cube and Me
Ben: Star Traders 2
Paul: Poncho

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Top 5 - Dumbest Mistakes in Gaming Industry History

Boy what a bunch of dumb stuff this is.

Next week: Top 5 demos

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Episode 121 - Toxic

Today we tackle some of the horrible goings on in our gamer culture almost head on! Then it's back to games though with Distance, Dex, the new 3DS, Mario Kart 8 DLC and lots of other entertaining rubbish.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Arena: Cyber Evolution
Next Week: 10 Bullets

Crowd Funding Picks
James and Ben: Parkitect
Paul: 24 Killers

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Top 5 - Games with Fishing

See stuff in the water and try to get it? That's fishing!

Next week: Top 5 dumbest mistakes in gaming industry history

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Episode 120 - Bears and Bros

Against all odds this episode has been recorded and features a variety of terrifying bears from The Behemoth and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Also a bunch of expendable Bros shoot a lot of bad guys with gun.  Throw in some of Ethan Carter's paranormal investigation, fish playing more videogames, a gang of beasts and the return of crowd funding you've got yourself an episode worth listening to with your face ears.

Cheapskate's Game Club: The Expendabros
Next Week: Arena: Cyber Evolution

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Jelly God
Ben: Age of Grit
Paul: Trouble in the Manor

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Top 5 - Reasons Why We Game

Why on earth do you spend so much time playing video games? I can't answer that but here is why we do it.

Next week: Top 5 Games with fishing

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Episode 119 - The Spooky Hallways of Gamescom

Gamescom was HUGE this year.  New Silent Hill, Romero is still full of surprises, Michel Ancel and Q-Games unveil completely incomprehensible new IP's, murder with rollercoasters, Quantum Break and so much more! So much more in fact that the episode is EXTRA VALUE LENGTH!

Cheapskate's Game Club: World of Guns: Gun Disassembly
Next Week: The Expendabros

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Top 5 - Video Game Protagonists You Think You Could Take in a Fight

Meet me by the bike racks after school. Your powerups won't save you now wimp!

Next Week: Top 5 reasons why we game.

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Episode 118 - PrescriptionPixel Watches A Fish With Us

PrescriptionPixel joins us in todays fun filled episode. Screen cheating, crawling, taking roads, hearthing stones, shocking bios and metricoing?  I dunno I'm starting to stretch the bit. We do all of that stuff anyway!

Cheapskate's Game Club: 8BitMMO
Next week: World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

Crowd Funding Picks
James, Ben, Paul: Hard West
Jenny: Kona

Direct download: Episode_118_-_PrescriptionPixel_watches_a_fish_with_us.mp3
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I want a new drug
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car
Or make me miss eight and a half bit.


Next Week: Top 5 video game protagonists you think you could take in a fight

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You won't believe the value present in today's episode! Crypt of the Necrodancer, Little Raiders, The Last of Us Remastered, EA Access, Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure, banter and even a surprised fish.  All that for the premium price of nothing.

Chepskate's Game Club: Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure
Next Week: 8BitMMO

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Aegis Defenders
Ben: VoidExpanse
Paul:  Gryphon Knight



Top 5 - Games with which you would reboot the game industry

When the revolution comes and all history of games is wiped out, how will we rebuild?

Next week: Top 5 uses of drugs in games

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Episode 116 - Bang, Bang, Vroom, Vroom, Blah, Blah

The Destiny Beta went public this weekend and we got all over that Halo-esque MMO inspired FPS epic. We have varied feelings on the subject! Is obsession the result of this week’s Cheapskate’s Game Club Trials Frontier?  Fine out with your ears.  Also some Darkwood, Star Wars: Commander, Magic 2015, Battlefield Hardline and some great crowd funding projects.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Trials Frontier
Next week: Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Northward
Ben: Disciples of the Storm
Paul: Fa’el: Beyond the Gate

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Top 5 - Score Attack Games

Get dem numbers as big as y'all can now.

Next week: Top 5 games with which you would reboot the game industry

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Episode 115 - Opportunistic Marketing

Half the crew is missing! But that's ok, James and Ben joined by the ever dashing Cameron Owen to help fill the ranks. Ben poorly describes he wanted to share, James sells out for Tail Drift, and Cam just classes up the joint. We talk a bunch of Magic: The Gathering 2015, a whole bunch of Microsoft things, mathamatics, and DOOOOOOOM!

Cheapskate Game Club: Postponed 'til next week when everyone is back!

Crowd Picks

James: Snot
Ben: Knuckle Club
Cam: Bacon Man - An Adventure

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Top 5 - Novel uses of Death

Sometimes death isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Next week: Top 5 score attack games

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Episode 114 - Toddlers and Pools

I'm leaving for my honeymoon in a few minutes... do you really think I have time to write a description? Wolf Among Us, Wildstar, Sims 4, Highgrounds and other things!

Chepskate's Game Club: Highgrounds

Next Week: Trials Frontier (Android/iOS)

Crowd Funding Picks:

Ben: After Reset

Simone and James: Joan Mad Run

Paul: A.V.

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Top 5 - Games Where Swimming Can Kill You

The water looked so inviting but now you're dead.  Who's laughing now?

Next Week: Top 5 novel uses of death

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Episode 113 - Wizards and Hitler

We're all mad for and at Magicka: Wizard Wars this week. We talk WW1 with Valiant Hearts, WW2 with Double Hitler and while discussing controversy in the e-sports world we touch on the upcoming Gender Wars. Who will you fight for?

Cheapskate's Game Club: Magicka: Wizard Wars

Next Week: Highgrounds

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Radial-G

Simone: Rock Simulator 2014

James: Mighty Tactical Shooter

Paul: Rampage Knights

Direct download: Episode_113_-_Wizards_and_Hitler.mp3
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Top 5 - Games of E3 2014

E3 has come and gone for another year and I think it was a pretty good show all round. But good isn't good enough for us. Only the best is worth “good enough” on the wild plains of Eight and a Half Bit.

Next Week: Top 5 games where swimming will kill you.

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Episode 112 - Tobias and Paul Vs The World

Tobias and the Dark Sceptres is this week's Cheapskate's Game Club and it brings the controversy! Finally some blood on this podcast.  We get our Wildstar hamsters love on, Simone gets into the new Thomas Was Alone expansion, Ben plays Madden, James builds a Steambox and Paul is all about Kiwanuka.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Tobias and the Dark Sceptres

Next Week: Magicka: Wizard Wars

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Pixel Soccer

James: Timespinner

Simone: Bulb Boy

Paul: InSomnia

Direct download: Episode_112_-_Tobias_and_Paul_vs_the_world.mp3
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Top 5 - Worst Tacked On Multiplayer

It's not there for a good reason and it's not even good!  Damn it.

Next week: Top 5 Games of E3 2014

Direct download: Top_5_-_Worst_Tacked_on_Multiplayer.mp3
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Episode 111 - Eleventy One

It's sale season and in response Paul's been playing everything, but mainly Signal Ops. James gets into Wildstar while Simone plays Haunt the house leaving Ben to dwell about how much he loves his new Wii-U. The team discusses the controversy magnet who is Phil Fish, lust after Dreadnought and everyone gives this week's Cheapskate's Game Club a go with Floating Point.

Cheapskates Game Club: Floating Point

Next Week: Tobias and the Dark Sceptres

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: Voidspace

Simone: Paparazzi

Paul: Glitch


Direct download: Episode_111_-_Eleventy_One.mp3
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Top 5 - Monsters

As I child I had an imaginary friend. He was a wolf that tried to kill me at every opportunity. I was a messed up kid.  Will the wolf make this weeks' list?  Not unless my life is a video game but then I've never seen a videogame about a guy who hosts a video game podcast. Maybe I'm a new genre...

 Next Week: Top 5 - Worst tacked on multiplayer

Direct download: Top_5_-_Monsters.mp3
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Episode 110 - Stealing Sheep and Other Tales of E3 2014

E3 2014 is over and I think it's safe to say a pretty good event all round. Lots of new titles and information on already revealed titles to talk about... and so we do in this extra bloated episode! Did I say bloated? I mean incredible informative and insightful episode that will delight and excite you, the listeners! All this for a very affordable price so send us your Dogecoins.

Next Cheapskate's Game Club: Floating Point

Direct download: Episode_110_-_Stealing_Sheep_and_other_tales_of_E3_2014.mp3
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Top 5 - Games I bet you forgot

You've been forgetting a lot of stuff recently. These games for instance.  Now we can help you remember them with a fun competition.

Next week: Top 5 Enemies

Direct download: Top_5_-_Games_I_bet_you_forgot.mp3
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Episode 109 - A Bunch of Card Nerds

It's only aw fe days until E3 and how will we pass the time? The boys are still karting with Mario while Simone gets her goat on. James gets into Dragon's Crown on Vita and plays with some dogs and cats on his 3DS while everyone gets into this week's fantastic Cheapskate's Game Club with Card Hunter.

No Cheapskate's Game Club next week as E3 will consume us all

Crowd Funding Highlights:





Direct download: Episode_109_-_A_bunch_of_card_nerds.mp3
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Top 5 - Villains

Gentlemen(and gentlewomen)?  To Evil!

Next Week: Top 5 Games I bet you forgot about

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Episode 108 - Karting for Everyone

Military Men in karts, Mario in Karts, monkeys in kart, more things in karts! I CAN'T STOP KARTING! Well I can stop for a while to discuss Battlefield Hardline and our first instalment of Cheapskate Gamers Club with "You Have To Win the Game".

Crowd Funding Picks

Simone: Together: Amna & Saif

James: Tomb of Tyrants

Ben: Tic Toc: Time is Your Sandbox

Paul: Dark Deception

Next Cheapskate's Games Club: Card Hunter

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Top 5 - Retro Throwbacks

What's new is old is new again in this fresh but familiar episode.
Next week: Top 5 Villains in Video Games

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Episode 107 - Goth Sloth

Kirby sucks a glorious amount in this most wondrous of episodes.  Sadness has returned and it's as confusing as ever. While we're talking about confusing things how about PadDefender? Is it like a Frog Fractions thing? Is life as we know it just an elaborate Frog Fractions publicity stunt? Bugs. We're all very confused. Icarus Proudbottom saves the day though and we get to tap a chicken.
Crowd Funding Pick: Icarus Proudbottom: Starship Captain (Four way tie)
Cheapskate's Game Club: You have to win the game

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Top 5 - Thing We Hate About The Video Game Industry

On today's show we make a lot of enemies.

Next Week: Top 5 - Retro Throwbacks

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Episode 106 - The Friendship Mine

What treasures lay within the friendship mine? Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rail, Kinectless Xbone and some amazing crowd funding projects just for starters.  Also Friends. The mine is full of happy friends.


Crowd Funding Picks:

Ben: Witchmarsh

Simone: Perish

James: Witchmarsh

Paul: Superhot

Direct download: Episode_106_-_The_Friendship_Mine.mp3
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Top 5 - Things that came with a game

Sometimes you get a thing and it comes with another thing! Here's a list of times that such a situation has occurred with a videogame. THRILLING DESCRIPTION!

Next Week: Top 5 - Things we hate about the video game industry

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Episode 105 - Good Touch

Do you want to kiss? Do you want to Joust? DO YOU WANT TO BE HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A LEAD PIPE?! Tex Murphy, Lococyle, Sportsfriends, Realistic Kissing Simulator, Don't Starve, Sunset overdrive, disability in gaming and yes even some crowd funding! James is late though.  Late as in the late James Bowling? It's a sort of threat you see. I've never been terribly good at them myself but I'm told they can be terribly effective.

Crowd Funding Picks

James: The Way

Simone: Buck

Ben: Mr Fiskers

Paul: Kingdom

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Top 5 - Open World Games

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above.
Don't invisible wall me in.

Next week: Top 5 - Included Game Bonuses

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Episode 104 - Child of Leaf

Paul is a little hung over but he still loves him some Child of Light. Simone is deep in debt to Tom Nook in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and James loves yelling in Space Team.  New Call of Duty, TV on XBone, a bunch of crowd funding and a little headless puppet to cap the whole bundle off.


Crowd Funding Picks:

James: Dieselstormers

Simone: Axethrower: The Great Axe

Ben: The Old City

Paul: Pann the game

Direct download: Episode_104_-_Child_of_Leaf.mp3
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Top 5 - Parody Games

If you ever do something wrong, just say it’s a parody and no one will judge you. In our family we never used the word accident. I was always my parent’s little parody.

Next Week: Top 5 – Open World Games

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Episode 103 - Totally Fract Up

Paul is back from the wilderness after defeating all of the nature and he is mad as hell!  Also he played the smooth synthetic tones of FRACT OSC while Simone got down and dirty with Portal 2 Thinking with Time Machines Mod and James gets it on with Hitman Go.  Not to mention that the landfill of ET cartridges has finally been uncovered, Mario Golf World Tour, Snoop Dog, The Great Ace Attorney and much more including another great week of crowd funding projects.


Crowd Funding Picks

Simone: The Universim

James: Imagine Earth


Paul: Hover

Direct download: Episode_103_-_Totally_Fract_Up.mp3
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Questions! Answers! Some of them correct! Ben tests the crews gaming knowledge in the first 8.5bit Quiz Show. Are Simone and James a match for Ben's mighty Wikipedia skills?!

Direct download: Quiz_Show_-_Episode_1.mp3
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Paul is off climbing a mountain or something, so this week Ben takes the reins as host! Simone joins us again to talk about her iron-fisted management in Prison Architect, and all the genderly ambigious green dinosaurs you can handle with Yoshi's New Island. James says some stuff about Elder Scroll Online again, and totally didn't throw up when riding a virtual Hoverboard in Hill Valley. Kickstarters, mystery sounds, this episode has it all!

Except Paul. There is very little Paul in this episode.

Crowd Sourcing Picks: 

James: No. 2 Game
Simon: Hearth Forth, Alicia
Ben: Salvaged

Direct download: Episode_102_-_Layton_or_Wright.mp3
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Top 5 - Multiplayer games that failed to foster a community

I thought there was a party here tonight? Oh there is. Did everyone leave already?  Can I stay? Actually.. umm I have to be somewhere else. Thanks though. Looks great.


Next Week: Top 5 Parody Games

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Episode 101 - Wonderful Worlds to Explore (You can include ESO if you want)

Welcome to Eight and a Half Bit 101. In today’s lesson we will cover James going on about Elder Scrolls Online for some reason, Paul’s history with the Mercenary Kings and Ben’s well documented obsession with Kinect Sports Rivals.  We’ve got demos for Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect and Chaos Reborn plus SOE announces a DayZ competitor and we would be amis if we did not also mention the amazing underwater exploration in Subnautica, Smash Bros news, a new Borderlands and a partridge in a pear tree!

Crowd Sourcing Picks

Ben: Pixel Noir

James: Prisonscape

Paul: Outcast Reboot HD

Top 5 - Games to Play with your Partner

Having a partner is like having a friend except 30% better because your shame is their shame.

Next Week: Top 5 Multiplayer Games that never found a community

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Episode 100 - 100 Shades of Yay

100 episodes in and we’ve decided to celebrate by talking about video games! What a treat!  We get into some Goat Simulator, Monument Valley, the Amazon Fire TV, April Fool’s Day, a bunch of other stuff and maybe some cake? (Spoiler: There is no cake involved)

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: The Breakout

James: Dead Years

Paul: Four Sided Fantasy

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Top 5 - Mining Games

What treasures are there to be found hidden in the depths? Perhaps an abandoned copy of this podcast someone sealed away for future generations to enjoy!

Next Week: Top 5 games to play with your partner

Direct download: Top_5_-_Mining_Games.mp3
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Facebook bought Oculus Rift this week for $2 billion.  That’s weird. Also James gets into Titanfall, Simone gets into some pixelated piracy and Paul revisits Little Big Adventure.  Lots more game talk and some rocking crowd funding projects await those who dare to listen

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Serpent in the Staglands

Simone: Cosmochoria

James: Choice Chamber

Paul: Still Alive

Direct download: Episode_99_-_The_Billion_Dollar_Kickstarter.mp3
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If you love something set it free... and then promptly forget about it. I don't even remember what I was doing in the first place.

Next Week: Top 5 - Mining Games

Direct download: Top_5_-_Briefly_Burning_Fires.mp3
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James is back from GDC and boy is he sleepy. Paul plays some Luftrausers, James gets Bravely Default and Ben watches more Youtube videos of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze because that’s how he rolls. New VR gear, game engines, Assassin’s Creed, Gauntlet, Simulated bears and all other sorts of things are included.

Crowd Funding picks

Ben: Chaos Reborn

James: The Red Solstice

Paul: The Seed

Direct download: Episode_98_-_G.D.C.James.mp3
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Episode 097 - Devastation Everywhere

Embrace the despair of Dark Souls 2, the destruction of Titanfall, the sadness of The Dragon Cancer, the hard reality of This War of Mine, the confounding shapelessness of Dominique Pamplemousse and the fractions of Frog Fractions 2.  All this and more as Simone joins us for our most devastating episode ever!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Duelyst

Simone: Dragon Fin Soup

Paul: Frog Fractions 2

Direct download: Episode_97-_Devestation_Everywhere.mp3
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Top 5 - Games with Time Travel

Why is no one ever impressed by my ability to travel forward in time? I bring technologies from the recent past! Why is nobody amazed? I lost an entire weekend in the time well for nothing.

Next Week: Top 5 briefly burning fires

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Episode 096 - Bats and Boobs

Professional handsome man Rob O’Hara joins us to talk South Park: The Stick of Truth, Batman: Arkham Knight, Hotline Miami, Mad Max and some of the most controversial crowd funding projects we've seen since the last ones. Oh and did we mention Bronies?! Because we have now!

Crowd funding picks

Rob: Kill the Bad Guy

Ben: Axe Princess

James: Garage Online

Paul: The Unearth Initiative

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Top 5 - Games with Bees!


I hope you're not too buzzy to enjoy the best ever episode of Eight and a Half Bees! There's a hive of exigent in as the boys bumble about seeking the flower of enlightenment on the subject of bees in videogames!


Next week: Top 5 Games with Time Travel!


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Episode 095 - Nukem? I Hardly Knew 'Em!

What is going on with 3DRealms? I feel like I’m going crazy here! Paul gets chilled out with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Ben is Banished and James plays some more MMOs or something (more ESO and FFIVX).  Throw in some news attack and crowd funding and some epic disappointment in the general reaction to Lords of Shadow 2 and you’ve got a podcast. This one!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Tulpa

James: Gunscape

Paul: Toby’s Island

Direct download: Episode_95_-_Nukem._I_hardly_knew_em.mp3
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Top 5 - Xbox 360 Exclusives


Direct download: Top_5_-_Xbox_360_exclusives.mp3
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Episode 094 - Questionable Performance

720p, 900p, 30fps… Why is new gen so last gen? James gets his MMO on with Final Fantasy XIV, Paul gets his Action on with Strider and Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 while Ben actually gets some F2P on with Loadout. Also included is The Order 1886, Thief, the end of Irrational Games, lots of news and some solid crowdfunding.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Heart&Slash

James: Super Chibi Knight

Paul: Demolition lander

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Top 5 - Ninja Games

{This post was written by a ninja}

Next week: Top 5 360 Exclusives

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Episode 093 - Titanfall Exclusive! (Not really. Everyone is playing it)

The Titanfall Beta is upon as so it’s time to shoot both robots and people. We finally see Lords of the Fallen and Evolve, cover the new Nintendo direct, announce who is a dickhead in the industry and Ben buys some doughnuts.


Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Darkest Dungeon

James: Star Crawlers

Paul: Galactic Princess

Direct download: Episode_93_-_Titanfall_exclusive_not_really._Everyone_is_playing_it.mp3
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There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they start to become aware of their body. This is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Except for you Darren. Seriously it’s gross and putting us all off our second breakfast.

Next Week: Top 5 Ninja Games

Direct download: Top_5_-_Games_with_Full_body_awareness.mp3
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Flappy Bird took the world by storm... and now it's gone. Loadout is still here though with flappy bits everywhere! As is Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us. There’s a new take on Sonic to speculate about along with a new Amnesia fortnight and Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes. Please don’t forget about the amazing kickstarters though! DO IT FOR OUR FUTURE!

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben and James: Catapult for Hire

Paul: Nevermind

Direct download: Episode_92_-_Flap_Away.mp3
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Do you tremble in antici...

pation for video games? We sure do! To continue this process we now formally present Eight and a Half Bit's MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2014!

Next week: Top 5 games with full body awareness

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Episode 091 - The Old Man of the Sea

You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out. You put your front left foot in, you put your front left foot out. You put your back right foot in, you put your back right foot out. You do the Octopokey and you turn around. That’s what it’s somewhat about.

We talk Octodad: The Dadliest Catch, Pyro Jump, Nintendo’s new strategy, XBone rumours and much more in today’s episode which also includes an overly aggressive News Attack.

Crowd Funding Picks:

Ben: World War Machine

James: Game of Glens

Paul: Scum Lord

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Top 5 - Early Works

Everybody has to start somewhere. You could start by downloading this incredible episode of Top 5 and a half bit!

Next week: Top 5 anticipated games of 2014

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Interview - Mitch Gitelman on Shadowrun Dragonfall

Friend of the show Mitch Gitelman returns to discuss the upcoming expansion to Shadowrun Returns entitled Dragonfall. Aside from that we delve into many RPG related concepts and get Mitch’s thoughts on player agency among many other topics.

Direct download: Interview_-_Shadowrun_Dragonfall.mp3
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Elevator Pitch - Wayward Terran Frontier

We talk to George Hultgren about his incredible looking project, Wayward Terran Frontier which mixes space adventure with hardcore ship simulation. You can support the project on kickstarter or follow the game and try the alpha at the game’s home page.

Direct download: Elevator_Pitch_-_Wayward_Terran_Frontier.mp3
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Nintendo is dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed except for all their money and fantastic games. Nidhogg rules and so does the DayZ Standalone, King.com try to sue the candy out of everyone, Assassin’s creed meets Batman Arkum Asylum in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and a truly knock out week of crowd funding projects await within.

Crowd Funding Picks

Ben: Cradle

James: ReVeN

Paul: La Mulana 2

Direct download: Episode_90_-_Nintendoom_and_the_saga_of_the_candy_douchebags.mp3
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Top 5 - Good Games with Bad Ideas

As an alternate take on our old “Bad games with Good Ideas” list we present the shockingly titled “Good Games with Bad Ideas”. How do we do it?!

Next Week: Top 5 Early Works

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