Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 041 - Alien Vs Pre-order-tor

Wow Gearbox! WOW! Also we've got some details on the PS4 which is only 3 sleeps away from its suposed revelation!  Chuck in some cult leader training, metal hats and Nazi Zombies and you've got your self an Eight and a Half Bit stew.

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Top 5 - Local Multiplayer Games

Common knowledge dictates that you should keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. One should devour their frenemies however so they remain closest of all, eventually reaching up through your spinal column and throttling your optic nerve. This is the game of life, the most local multiplayer game of them all but there are at least 15 others worth discussing and that is the subject of today's riveting episode of Top 5 and a Half Bit!

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Episode 040 - A World Without Joy

A week of ups and downs. Rayman gets a massive delay, The Witcher 3 is announced and the next Xbox has some seriously concerning rumours surrounding it. Also did anyone else like ObsCure?

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Top 5 - Games in which to entrap Paul for all eternity

Well... it sure is an interesting topic!

Next week: Top 5 - Local Multiplayer games

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Episode 039 - The Greatest Episode of all Time

Sometimes everything is just the best and today that may as well be this podcast.  The PS4, torture in splintered cell, the best DLC ever, OUYA, Valve’s long term goals and we all get to play Balloon Fight. Well Paul does.

It’s not just for us though let James know you care about “sounds a bit like” and guess the game!  Sexy photos of the cast for all winners.

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Everyone deserves a fresh start at least once. Some games series should be forced to pack it in and start again however. Let us opinion ourselves loudly into your brain on the subject.

Next Week: Top 5 Games Paul should be trapped in for all eternity.  Yes this is the stupidest top 5 ever... thanks Ben.

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Dead Space 3 vs Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Which Demo will reign supreme?!  Meanwhile THQ and Atari are dead but instead let's look to the future and an amazing week of announcements from Nintendo. Finally prepare your body for a mega sized portion of Maths/Math adventures! HOLD ON TO YOUR CATHETER! It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Interview - Ron Gilbert

Today we interview the magnificent Ron Gilbert of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Deathspank and now The Cave fame!  Join us as we probe his every nook and cranny to find out details on his past and present titles, his process, how he sees the industry and even what he thinks about Lost!  We literally have all the Ron you could want.

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It was over a year ago but 2011 is still close to our hearts. Take bets on our top 5 but no prises for guessing our super secret GOTY 2011.

Next week: Top 5 Games that should be rebooted

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Episode 037 - The Speculation Nation

What will Sony and Microsoft be doing this coming generation?  Well we've got heresay you could want on the topic. Also some exciting and controversial kickstarters along with all the regular high quality rubbish you've come to expect from the team.

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Today we are joined by the iconic developer American McGee of Alice and id software fame. We discuss his new project Akaneiro and its accompanying Kickstarter as well as his past and the future of the industry. What more could you ask for?

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Top 5 - Commercial Crossovers

Pepsi presents a special Time Warner production of U2's Top 5 and a Half Bit.

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New Pokemon! The future of the industry! A Holodeck in your living room!  What's next? Self slicing bread? That's a really stupid idea. Everyone is back this week and 8.5 tones of quality video game entertainment are coming along with them.  Stick us in your ears and wiggle us around.

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Welcome to 2013 where everything is new again and everyone is happy and the world is slightly sticky. Paul and James look through the upcoming releases of new year, laugh at WarZ some more, geek out over new interface technology and have the greatest announcement since Doritos Crash Course was first released.

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Industry legends Al Lowe and Josh Mandel join James and Paul to talk about the future of Larry and their exciting past with Sierra. Strippers, Witchcraft and Bikini Fridays are all included at no additional cost.

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