Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 047 - The Most Static Episode

Gliding dogs! A little game called Bioshock: Infinite comes out. Air whales and Gliding Dogs! Battlefield 4 is revealed! Airships fighting gliding dogs! Metal Gear Solid 5 is announced but after we recorded the episode so we don’t mention it. Paul does discus gliding dogs however.

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Top 5 - Controversial Games that never caused a Controversy

The controversial controversy that never was.

Next Week: Top 5 Spin Offs

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Episode 046 - Awkward Introduction

No one knows what's going on in today's episode. We accidentally talk about heaps of stuff though from the many game announcements of PAX East to the resignation of EA's John Riccitello. Defiance has finally lifted its NDA so we're free to talk about all our mutant shooting fun. Plus there's a new crowd funding site making the rounds!

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Top 5 - Videogame Characters to have a Teen Romance with

There's nothing like teen love. Certainly teen love involving videogame characters is just as unique. Probably even more so. Although I'm not one to judge.

Next week: Top 5 Controversial games that caused no controversy

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Episode 045 - Double Stuffed Goodness

Put on your pants as we've got company! Developer Liam Hill joins us for a chat about the week's goings on. From the future of AAA development to the future of Saints Row's T&A, hoes and Foes, Kickstarters that have a really excited and the scariest game we've seen all month. Ben also talks about cookies.

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Top 5 - Cheap Games (Under $8.50)

Got a couple of bucks? THen you can play these games!

Next Week: Top 5 Videogame Characters to have a Teen Romance with

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Episode 044 - Attack of the Attacking Attackers

So much to talk about! Every subject must be attacked with the ferocity of a starving wolf in a chicken hatchery!  SimCity? ATTACKED! Sexism in videogames? ATTACKED!  Heaps of new games? WE'RE ALL OVER IT! SimCity? ATTACKED A SECOND TIME!  ...AND PERHAPS A THIRD!

Can you handle all the aggression?  Will Ben break into an torrent of rage fuelled foul language? You can't be sure until you listen.

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Top 5 - Games based on a feature Film

The emotional power of film combined with the awesome might of pixels. Some of them don't even suck.

 Next Week: Top 5 games that cost less than $8.50

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Episode 043 - Wheat Washing Machine

Assassin's Creed is dead long live Assassin's Creed!  Are pirates just what the series needed? It can't hurt. Also we've got even more motion tech vying for our attention with the MYO, EA says the darndest things, a game called SABBAT, the OUYA is very close and even more words that should be acronyms but on the whole aren't.

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