Eight and a Half Bit

Is it a Bird? Is it a plane?  Well as long as it's not a human you'll be fine with both of those things and almost anything else.

Next week: Top 5 Sexy Games

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Time to get down and get funky with this weeks rip and rolling episode of Eight and a Half Bit! Up for discussion is the worlds worst port of one of the best games of all time Dark Souls. Argue with Argument Champion, power through with the Powerpuff Girls, get dizzy with Fantastic Dizzy and... league on with league of legends? Australia gets it's first state to sign R 18+ into law and F2P is taking over everything! All this and more when you put us in your ears.

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How many great television based games have the crew played? Not that many it turns out. Tune in to learn the depths some people will go to in order to justify their terrible choices!

Next Week: Games with non-human protagonists

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Darksiders II!  Also other things are discussed in this riveting episode of Eight and a Half Bit.  These other things include the craziest week of Valve news ever, Gamescon wrap up, James tearing into the beloved Super Metroid and Ben gets a special birthday surprise!

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Here it is the first episode of our midweek show where the boys detail their anger inducing top 5 most overrated games lists!  Also marvel at the new show's theme song which will be NEVER PLAYED AGAIN.

Next weeks topic: Top 5 games based on TV shows

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This week James and Paul share their bogus journey with your ears! Ben is missing this week, all the more opportunity for the lads to rummage through his unmentionables. Join us, and be confused about pre-ordering Photoshop on Steam for a bonus Artist's Beret TF2 hat! James hangs out with Twinsen on Twinsun, Paul gets excited about a console that might be awesome, and Ben promises all listeners $20*! (*not really)

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Experience our new photorealistic episode as we make you feel things! Try not to rage-quit as the gents remember the games that most angried their blood, peer into the future of screen-o-vision with the new VR headset 'Oculus', and hear about how all MMOs are dead and we're faced with a future of nothing but offline content! (not really). Also, EPIC NEWS ATTACK ROUND!

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