Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 052 - If we pretend this episode is about Call of Duty: Ghosts it will boost the ratings

All the Call of Duty: Ghosts news you can handle! Yep that's all we talk about. We don't just briefly mention it and spend most of our time discussing weird Kickstarter projects, Rayman Legends, Starcraft 2 and hilariously ironic game piracy.  We wouldn't pull a classic switcheroo on our listeners like that.

Top 5 - Boss Fights

Fight em, Punch em, Hit them till they drop. Game-Boss-es. Then do it all again for their second form. Or maybe even a  third if you're lucky

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Episode 051 - Criminal Minorminds

Monaco has taught us much about the criminal lifestyle and now we are ready to take our skills one step further.  Stealing Nintendo and 2K games from this year’s E3, cloning Lutrausers and downright sacrificing Homeworld to Gearbox. These are but a few of our crimes and we've only been at it for a day.

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Top 5 - Chill-Out Games

Are you a cool enough dude to chillax?

Next Week: Top 5 Boss Fights

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Episode 050 - Eat Some Cake

50 Episodes? Cake time!  Also The Evil Within, Monster Hunter Online, Nintendo Direct and Among the Sleep time. We've also got religious controversy and moral questions coming out of our big round numbered butts.

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Top 5 - Racing Games

Brum-brum-brum-brum VROOOM! Screech! Crash! 4th place! A personal best!

Next week: Top 5 Chill Out Games

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Interview - Q-Games

Rowen Parker and John Davis of Q-Games (Developers of the venerable PixelJunk series) join us for a casual Tusday afternoon chat about the deliciously soupy PixelJunk Inc, the never ending and always exciting possibilities of modding and the chunder exposing awesomeness of the Oculus Rift. Will PixelJunk Inc support the Oculus rift? I guess you'll just have to listen to find out.

Yes it will (No just kidding/lying for hits).

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Episode 049 - We talk about Dark Souls II in this episode

In this episode we talk about Dark Souls II.

Oh more?  Also Guacamelee, the Flashback reboot, ukulele playing dinosaurs, Russian hackers and the Batman fall victim to our "Eight and a Half Banter"™.

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SPOILER ALERT - Bioshock Infinite

Have you played Bioshock Infinite yet?  If you haven't GO AWAY AND DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! YOU WILL REGRET IT. Now that I've used all the capslock I am allowed would the rest of you kindly join me for a discussion about the most interesting title of recent times.

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Top 5 - Games that would be better as TV/Movies

I think we can all agree gameplay is the one thing not needed in videogames. They would be better as passive experiences that play themselves! If only there was a media format that provided that experience...

Next Week: Top 5 racing games

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Episode 048 - This Dog Eating a Sausage

Metal Gear Solid 5, EA swears they will become "not the worst" and Paul falls in love with a chicken while ben goes for the mouse alternative.
R.I.P Lucasarts!

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Top 5 - Spin-Off Games

From Assassin's Creed Kart Racing to Bioshock Kart Racing we will run the gamut of spin-off possibilities.

Next Week: Top 5 Games that would be better as TV/Movies

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Episode 047 - The Most Static Episode

Gliding dogs! A little game called Bioshock: Infinite comes out. Air whales and Gliding Dogs! Battlefield 4 is revealed! Airships fighting gliding dogs! Metal Gear Solid 5 is announced but after we recorded the episode so we don’t mention it. Paul does discus gliding dogs however.

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Top 5 - Controversial Games that never caused a Controversy

The controversial controversy that never was.

Next Week: Top 5 Spin Offs

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Episode 046 - Awkward Introduction

No one knows what's going on in today's episode. We accidentally talk about heaps of stuff though from the many game announcements of PAX East to the resignation of EA's John Riccitello. Defiance has finally lifted its NDA so we're free to talk about all our mutant shooting fun. Plus there's a new crowd funding site making the rounds!

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Top 5 - Videogame Characters to have a Teen Romance with

There's nothing like teen love. Certainly teen love involving videogame characters is just as unique. Probably even more so. Although I'm not one to judge.

Next week: Top 5 Controversial games that caused no controversy

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Episode 045 - Double Stuffed Goodness

Put on your pants as we've got company! Developer Liam Hill joins us for a chat about the week's goings on. From the future of AAA development to the future of Saints Row's T&A, hoes and Foes, Kickstarters that have a really excited and the scariest game we've seen all month. Ben also talks about cookies.

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Top 5 - Cheap Games (Under $8.50)

Got a couple of bucks? THen you can play these games!

Next Week: Top 5 Videogame Characters to have a Teen Romance with

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Episode 044 - Attack of the Attacking Attackers

So much to talk about! Every subject must be attacked with the ferocity of a starving wolf in a chicken hatchery!  SimCity? ATTACKED! Sexism in videogames? ATTACKED!  Heaps of new games? WE'RE ALL OVER IT! SimCity? ATTACKED A SECOND TIME!  ...AND PERHAPS A THIRD!

Can you handle all the aggression?  Will Ben break into an torrent of rage fuelled foul language? You can't be sure until you listen.

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Top 5 - Games based on a feature Film

The emotional power of film combined with the awesome might of pixels. Some of them don't even suck.

 Next Week: Top 5 games that cost less than $8.50

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Episode 043 - Wheat Washing Machine

Assassin's Creed is dead long live Assassin's Creed!  Are pirates just what the series needed? It can't hurt. Also we've got even more motion tech vying for our attention with the MYO, EA says the darndest things, a game called SABBAT, the OUYA is very close and even more words that should be acronyms but on the whole aren't.

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Top 5 - Characters that deserve to be on a Reality Television Show and what that Reality Television Show should be

*sigh* Actually it's surprisingly good. Don't just take my word for it, download it and find out for yourself! Whether you like it or not the download still counts towards our overall numbers.

Next Week: Top 5 games based on Feature Films

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Episode 042 - Life, The Universe and Playstation 4

The PS4 is fuelled by dreams and magical rainbows. While we may never again be able to play in our grundies again under the watchful eye of Big Console everything is new again and that makes us feel good.  Also if we find time we'll discuss some other games and our regular rubbish!

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Top 5 - Childhood Memories

We were all children once. Stupid, ugly children. That goes double for us.  How did we spend the hours while we tried to hide from the judgemental eyes of the world? Some of the games mentioned in this episode would be included in the answer to that question!


Next week: Top 5 characters that deserve their own Reality Television show and what the show would be.  Yep it's a Ben week.

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Episode 041 - Alien Vs Pre-order-tor

Wow Gearbox! WOW! Also we've got some details on the PS4 which is only 3 sleeps away from its suposed revelation!  Chuck in some cult leader training, metal hats and Nazi Zombies and you've got your self an Eight and a Half Bit stew.

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Top 5 - Local Multiplayer Games

Common knowledge dictates that you should keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. One should devour their frenemies however so they remain closest of all, eventually reaching up through your spinal column and throttling your optic nerve. This is the game of life, the most local multiplayer game of them all but there are at least 15 others worth discussing and that is the subject of today's riveting episode of Top 5 and a Half Bit!

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Episode 040 - A World Without Joy

A week of ups and downs. Rayman gets a massive delay, The Witcher 3 is announced and the next Xbox has some seriously concerning rumours surrounding it. Also did anyone else like ObsCure?

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Top 5 - Games in which to entrap Paul for all eternity

Well... it sure is an interesting topic!

Next week: Top 5 - Local Multiplayer games

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Episode 039 - The Greatest Episode of all Time

Sometimes everything is just the best and today that may as well be this podcast.  The PS4, torture in splintered cell, the best DLC ever, OUYA, Valve’s long term goals and we all get to play Balloon Fight. Well Paul does.

It’s not just for us though let James know you care about “sounds a bit like” and guess the game!  Sexy photos of the cast for all winners.

Direct download: Episode_39_-_The_greatest_episode_of_all_time.mp3
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Everyone deserves a fresh start at least once. Some games series should be forced to pack it in and start again however. Let us opinion ourselves loudly into your brain on the subject.

Next Week: Top 5 Games Paul should be trapped in for all eternity.  Yes this is the stupidest top 5 ever... thanks Ben.

Direct download: Top_5_Games_deserving_of_a_reboot.mp3
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Dead Space 3 vs Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Which Demo will reign supreme?!  Meanwhile THQ and Atari are dead but instead let's look to the future and an amazing week of announcements from Nintendo. Finally prepare your body for a mega sized portion of Maths/Math adventures! HOLD ON TO YOUR CATHETER! It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Direct download: Episode_38_-_Amphibious_Scholars.mp3
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Interview - Ron Gilbert

Today we interview the magnificent Ron Gilbert of Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Deathspank and now The Cave fame!  Join us as we probe his every nook and cranny to find out details on his past and present titles, his process, how he sees the industry and even what he thinks about Lost!  We literally have all the Ron you could want.

Direct download: Interview_-_Ron_Gilbert.mp3
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It was over a year ago but 2011 is still close to our hearts. Take bets on our top 5 but no prises for guessing our super secret GOTY 2011.

Next week: Top 5 Games that should be rebooted

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Episode 037 - The Speculation Nation

What will Sony and Microsoft be doing this coming generation?  Well we've got heresay you could want on the topic. Also some exciting and controversial kickstarters along with all the regular high quality rubbish you've come to expect from the team.

Direct download: Episode_37_-_The_Speculation_Nation.mp3
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Today we are joined by the iconic developer American McGee of Alice and id software fame. We discuss his new project Akaneiro and its accompanying Kickstarter as well as his past and the future of the industry. What more could you ask for?

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Top 5 - Commercial Crossovers

Pepsi presents a special Time Warner production of U2's Top 5 and a Half Bit.

Direct download: Top_5_Commercial_Crossovers.mp3
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New Pokemon! The future of the industry! A Holodeck in your living room!  What's next? Self slicing bread? That's a really stupid idea. Everyone is back this week and 8.5 tones of quality video game entertainment are coming along with them.  Stick us in your ears and wiggle us around.

Direct download: Episode_36_-_Taste_the_Future.mp3
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Welcome to 2013 where everything is new again and everyone is happy and the world is slightly sticky. Paul and James look through the upcoming releases of new year, laugh at WarZ some more, geek out over new interface technology and have the greatest announcement since Doritos Crash Course was first released.

Direct download: Episode_35_-_new_beginnings.mp3
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Industry legends Al Lowe and Josh Mandel join James and Paul to talk about the future of Larry and their exciting past with Sierra. Strippers, Witchcraft and Bikini Fridays are all included at no additional cost.

Direct download: Interview_-_Al_Lowe_and_Josh_Mandel.mp3
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It's the 2012 retrospective where we discuss literally everything and still manage to miss out on heaps!  James is in Malaysia still and manages to cause all kinds of havok but we'll forgive him because "love".

Direct download: Episode_34_-_End_of_year_Retro_Specs.mp3
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It's a Pompous Jack double moustache special! James is off in Malaysia so it's left to Paul, Ben and Pompous Jack to hold up the fort in the pre christmas episode.  We're going to be chatting about the hilarious debacle that is The War Z, the brilliance of Natural Selection 2 and SALES SALES SALES!

Direct download: Episode_33_-_double_moustache_christmas_special.mp3
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James is leaving on holiday so to commemorate this journey it's time to discuss strategy. How will his over stimulated mind will survive the boredom of travel?  I only pray he survives.

Next week: Top 5 Commercial Cross Overs

Direct download: Top_5_-_Games_to_play_in_transit.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 9:41am AEDT

Cut me a break. I'm on holiday!

Direct download: Episode_32_-_Premature_holiday.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 11:35pm AEDT

Here's a top 5 list. Enjoy it!!!

Next week: Top 5 Games to play in transit

Direct download: Top_5_-_Characters_to_be_in_real_life.mp3
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It's the Wii-U spectacular! Both Paul and James have a Wii-U and Ben announces it as his favourite console ever.  We've got Mario, Nintendoland, Zombi-U and more from Nintendos exciting new console. Also Dark Souls 2 was announced and Paul tried Black Ops 2.  Plus we finish of the current Gameclub game Dreamweb.

Direct download: Episode_31_-_Wiiu_Wiiu_Wiiu_Wiiu_Wiiu.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:58pm AEDT

These games were all going to be amazing! Now we've got nothing to show for them except for the greatest podcast in the universe. It does ease the pain a little.

 Next Week: Top 5 characters you'd like to be in real life

Direct download: Top_5_-_Cancelled_Games.mp3
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Show post? Oh yeah you better believe it listeners. Have to seen that tag cloud?  You like that don't you? Planetside 2, some other games, banter, talk, chat.  We know what you like and we deliver it hot and steaming to your ears.

Direct download: Episode_30_-_A_world_of_infinite_possibility.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 8:39pm AEDT

Here's one for the kids.  Let's hear it for the shorties!

Next week: Top 5 Cancelled Games

Direct download: Top_5_-_Games_to_introduce_your_eight_and_a_half_year_old_to.mp3
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This week an entire continent gave thanks to us! Bless you Africa!  In response we decided to talk about some videogames for once.

GAMECLUB included this episode so I hope everyone got their Dreamweb on.  Considering the length of the game we're going to alter the plan for the next edition and play through the rest of the game.

Direct download: Episode_29_-_Thanksgiving_Spectacular.mp3
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How did it come to this? 

Next week: Top 5 games you would use to introduce your eight and a half year old to gaming.

Direct download: Top_5_-_Games_which_represent_another_member_of_eight_and_a_half_bit.mp3
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It’s been a hot, hot week!  We’ve been feeling the burn both inside and out what with the ever increasing attacks from our lord The Sun and our love of chilli.  Also popular games have been happening including Ben’s smoking hot wife Black Op’s 2, Paul’s burning desire Little Inferno, and James’ heat related pun involving Ragnarok Odyssey.  Combine that with our usual Kickstarters, News and delightful banter and you’ve got yourself a stew.


WARNING: If you were look forward to the new Gaemclub this week I’m sorry to inform you that it has been delayed until next week due to unforeseen circumstances.

Direct download: Episode_28_-_Hot_Hot_Games.mp3
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This episode was built brick by brick by a team of experts. Do not attempt to build your own city at home.

Next week: Top 5 Games that represent another member of Eight and a Half Bit (Blame Paul for the most self indulgent concept ever)

Direct download: Top_5_-_City_Builders.mp3
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We have an exciting treat for our listeners this episode. Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment joins us to discuss their recently kickstarted Project Eternity plus the state of the industry.  That's not all however! We also force Ben to play an indie game, play a bunch of Halo 4, discus the trend of custom load outs and attack the news so hard we've got a restraining order to ignore.

Direct download: Episode_27_-_We_Heart_Urquhart.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 10:36pm AEDT

What a bunch of good lookin bits we've got for you today!  A feast for your ear eyes as we count down our top 5 pretty games.

Next week: Top 5 City Builders

Direct download: Top_5_-_Pretty_games.mp3
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Episode 026 -  Ermahgerd Erssersins Creeeed

In this episode here the boys discuss, topics, subjects and themes. Be marveled by their tone and varied articulation while falling in love with some of the things they say, while truth be told hating other ideas they express.

Direct download: Episode_26_-_ermahgerd_erssersins_creeeed.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 9:15pm AEDT

Under the sea
Console or PC
Gaming is better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me

Next Week: Top 5 Pretty Games

Direct download: Top_5_-_Underwater_Games.mp3
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We're 25 episodes in and to celebrate we've done a regular weekly podcast. You're welcome internet.

This week Paul's NDA has been lifted on Hawken, James talks a lot about Blizzard games, Ben's facsination with Michael Fassbender is revealed and the three of them argue about industry firings. All that and some lots more!

Direct download: Episode_25_-_Silver_Jubilee.mp3
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Pew pew! Kablamo! Bang! Boom! Zap! Zipper! Here's some tools of destruction for your listening pleasure.

Next week: Top 5 Underwater Games

Direct download: Top5_-_Best_Weapons.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 6:30am AEDT

With the assistance of show friend Alex the power of four will bring you all the pointless gaming chat you could possibly want. If you want more just listen to it twice.  Check out all these topics I typed out for the keywords! X-com, The Unfinished Swan, Gorogoa, Playstationg all stars, Of Orcs and Men, WoW, The Walking Dead, Malevolence, PSN, Gods, Black Mesa, Deadly Premonition, DayZ, Nintendo, Microsoft, Halo 4, Black ops 2, Disgea, Super Meat Boy, Prey 2, TF2, Road Rash, GOG, Bioforge, iOS, Kickstarter, Steam, Shaker, The Goon, Strike Suit Zero, Star Citizen!  How can we fit all that into one show?  You tell me.

Direct download: Episode_24_-_The_Quadrangle_of_power.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 8:50pm AEDT

Put on your adult diapers and get ready for our top 5 scary moments in games. Some of you might say a smart podcast would have saved this for Halloween.  Criticism accepted.

Direct download: Top_5_-_Scary_Moments.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:30am AEDT

It's time we finally settle this age old battle between the just released reworking of the classic x-com and the just released new ip Dishonored.  We have seen enough blood spilt in this war!  Also get yourself some Retro City Rampage, Dino Crisis 2, Chris Roberts new project and some Kickstarting to share.

Direct download: Episode_23_-_X-com_vs_Dishonored.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 8:15pm AEDT

I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was!

Let's get some power fantasy going

Next week: Top 5 Scary Moments

Direct download: Top_5_-_Empowering.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:30am AEDT

Football octopus.  Just think about it.

So many things are discussed this week like 'Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit', 'Rayman Jungle Run', CliffyB's departure from Epic Games, PAX Australia, PS+, pornography on your xbox and Ben talks about PES13 AGAIN!

Did you think about the football octopus? I hope so.

Direct download: Episode_22_-_Hipsters_and_Sportsfan.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:47pm AEDT

We all have to go sometime.  When I kick the bucket I hope to be several miles above a major city at midday where my body shall explode and rain down on all those with open faced sandwiches.  Games also have some good ways to die.


Next week: Top 5 Empowering Games

Direct download: Top5_-_Ways_to_Die.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 6:00am AEDT

You so called psychics will never guess word for word everything the boys say in this episode! Here are some hints:

James will say more things about at least one game in the Metal Gear Series

Paul was briefly engrossed with a iOS puzzle Game.

Ben continues his badminton obsession.

News attack has a new format which will blow your mind!

Direct download: Episode_21_-_Oopsy_Bear.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 9:12am AEDT

I hate these characters on a train. I hate these characters in the rain. I wish they would go down in flames. I hate them in my video games.

Next week: Top 5 ways to die!

Direct download: Top5_-_Unlikeable_Characters.mp3
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Episode 020 - The podcast with well integrated multiplayer

Topics, subjects, oppions and comments. We've got them all. Want to hear about Torchlight 2? PES 2013? Borderlands 2? Guild Wars 2? Tutu 2? Scooby Tooby two? We've got it all and best of all nobody got fired.

Direct download: Episode_20_-_The_podcast_with_well_integrated_multiplayer.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:35pm AEDT

I'm so ashamed! You'll like us all a little bit less after this episode. Judge us harshly and never let us forget.

Next Week: Top 5 Least Likeable Protagonists

Direct download: Top5_-_Guilty_Pleasures.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:00am AEDT

It's show time kids. Ben takes his time to turn up but that doesn't stop us getting into the nitty gritty of Black Mesa, Wii-U launch, the terrible turn Overstrike has taken, MGS3D, Obsidian's new Kickstarter and 4 more things!  Get it into you!

Direct download: Episode_19_-_Generic_to_the_maxxx.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:36pm AEDT

Holy Ghost Batman! Let's chow down on the Eucharist, face Mecca, summon Loki and hope the three of us get reincarnated with better internet connections. It's time for our top 5 religious games! Things are going to get Biblical.

Next week: Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

Direct download: Top5_-_Religious_Games.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:00am AEDT

This week the boys discuss kickstarting Beneath a Steel Sky 2, and other equally important issues, like how people can kickstart Beneath a Steel Sky 2. James totally forgets who Chris Taylor is, Paul enjoys extreme wagon simulations, and Ben gives the latest on his Black Op’s 2 dilemma! Also, hang around to hear about how you can kick start Beneath a Steel Sky 2!

Direct download: Episode_18_-_Beneath_a_Greenlit_Sky_2.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:10pm AEDT

Things get a little blue this week as we explore the fun and the twisted world of sexy sexy games.  We forgot to mention Rez though. We probably should have done that. Oh and NSFW content if you couldn't guess.

Next week: Top 5 Religious Games

Direct download: Top5_-_Sexy_Games.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 2:00pm AEDT

Ben has a dilemma for us to solve int this episode. Also some interesting things are discussed such as Guild Wars 2, PAX Australia, The Stanley Parable, various medical problems and Total Annihilation

Direct download: Episode_17_-_A_Modest_Dilemma.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:13pm AEDT

Is it a Bird? Is it a plane?  Well as long as it's not a human you'll be fine with both of those things and almost anything else.

Next week: Top 5 Sexy Games

Direct download: Top5_-_Non_Human_Protagonists.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 5:37pm AEDT

Time to get down and get funky with this weeks rip and rolling episode of Eight and a Half Bit! Up for discussion is the worlds worst port of one of the best games of all time Dark Souls. Argue with Argument Champion, power through with the Powerpuff Girls, get dizzy with Fantastic Dizzy and... league on with league of legends? Australia gets it's first state to sign R 18+ into law and F2P is taking over everything! All this and more when you put us in your ears.

Direct download: Episode_16_-_A_Pirate_Movie_rated_R_for_adult_themes_and_language.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 7:15pm AEDT

How many great television based games have the crew played? Not that many it turns out. Tune in to learn the depths some people will go to in order to justify their terrible choices!

Next Week: Games with non-human protagonists

Direct download: Top5_-_TV_Shows.mp3
Category:Gaming -- posted at: 4:12pm AEDT

Darksiders II!  Also other things are discussed in this riveting episode of Eight and a Half Bit.  These other things include the craziest week of Valve news ever, Gamescon wrap up, James tearing into the beloved Super Metroid and Ben gets a special birthday surprise!

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Here it is the first episode of our midweek show where the boys detail their anger inducing top 5 most overrated games lists!  Also marvel at the new show's theme song which will be NEVER PLAYED AGAIN.

Next weeks topic: Top 5 games based on TV shows

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This week James and Paul share their bogus journey with your ears! Ben is missing this week, all the more opportunity for the lads to rummage through his unmentionables. Join us, and be confused about pre-ordering Photoshop on Steam for a bonus Artist's Beret TF2 hat! James hangs out with Twinsen on Twinsun, Paul gets excited about a console that might be awesome, and Ben promises all listeners $20*! (*not really)

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Experience our new photorealistic episode as we make you feel things! Try not to rage-quit as the gents remember the games that most angried their blood, peer into the future of screen-o-vision with the new VR headset 'Oculus', and hear about how all MMOs are dead and we're faced with a future of nothing but offline content! (not really). Also, EPIC NEWS ATTACK ROUND!

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This week Paul, James and Ben welcome you to the twilight zone where nothing is real and everything is pretty much the same as before. Watch how the mighty Pro Evolution 2013 falls under the weight of our banter and not even Gabe Newell escapes our confused questioning of his motivations! Kickstarters, Indie games, Kinect and a news attack so long it belittles the very concept!  Also the boys bring up their top 5 games with non standard/unusual control schemes and DRAMA(tm) ensues.

Next week: The Dark Souls Memorial, Top 5 Ragequit moments in gaming

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This week the lads finally patched the bug that was making them less-handsome, but found it too expensive to get through certification, so now you're stuck with their hideous features! This week they discuss crazy science future tech (again), grind some zombies for fat loot, and complain about the not-in-the-us tax with online sales. Now with a totally not obnoxious top five list for all to enjoy!

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Join the lads this week with our +1 Alex Norton, the mind behind the indie title 'Malevolence'. Ben misses out on talking about Modern Warfare 3, James complains about pixelated germans, and Paul gets to talk plenty of Kickstarter! Adventure guaranteed!

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Paul is back this week just in time to talk about Dungeon Keeper 2, Halloween Harry, MDK and the other hot topics of the day! Also games from the current decade are discussed, the controversial EU decision on digital resale, Salman Rushdie's digital punishment, gaming experiments, how much we love Valve (lots) and much much much much much more.

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Episode 008 - The Week Paul Got Fired

Ben and James two-man it this week in a riveting episode of everything Paul hates. Ben gets to talk for literally minutes about Call of Duty and Halo 1, and James is pleasantly surprised about Spec Ops: The Line. Join us this week as we discuss topics from fornicating farm animals to adventure games for people with short attention spans.

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The Real Cowboys mosey though this week's big gaming news. James finally convinces Paul a MMO might be worth his time with 'The Secret World', Ben plays classic indie titles from the days of old and Paul struggles miming his way through frantic tank combat! Look forward to our speed round of News Attack!

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James' headset is broken, Ben's internet is broken and Paul's sound  card is broken. Our sense of fashion though? Flawless. This week listen to the boys go on and on about Tera, Max Payne 3, Lollipop Chainsaw, Sphere, Dead Space 3 and the meaning of life.

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Drama, adventure, love, revenge, horror and feel good moments await you as the Eight and a Half Bit crew tackle all of the major issues of the day. From Psychic Detective to Zeno Clash 2 no rock is left unsoiled.  E3 is over but there is still so much left to discover and judge cynically from a distance.

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Episode 004 - Underpants full of pre-E3

E3 is just around the corner and the boys couldn’t be more excited. Or less excited.  Either way their level of excitement is where it needs to be.

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This week James and Paul carry on in the absence of Ben discussing Double Fines new game The Cave. Also you will discover via the medium of conversation discussion on Dragon's Dogma, more Diablo 3, Krater, Deadlight, Leap, The Shadow of Colossus film and Company of Heroes 2 and SEVERAL OTHER endlessly interesting topics.

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This weeks wonderful show is brought to you by the numbers 37 and 3006. Join our travellers on a journey of sensual pleasures and nerd rage as we discuss everything that has ever been. Al Lowe's lost passages, Indie games that only Paul cares about, more kickstarters and this weeks biggest release "The game which shall not be named".

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Episode 001 - Lollipops, Basketballs and Dragons!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the grand opening of our fantasticly contrapulous podcast. Join us as we discuss what we've been playing, Datura, news of the week and totally rad kickstarters.

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