Eight and a Half Bit

This week Paul takes and old fashioned looksee at the mouse scale adventuring of Ghost of a Tale and the flailing fun of Human: Fall Flat. James fails to find a game of Battleborn instead delving further into the new f2p styled Evolve while Jeremy revisits Final Fantasy 9.


All this AND MORE™!


Picks of the week: Human: Fall Flat (Paul), Moirai(James), Apocalyptic Nightmare Sonic (Jeremy)


Games discussed: Human: Fall Flat, King’s Quest, Ghost of a tale, Battleborn, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Puzzle and Dragon Z, Final Fantasy 9, Bug Butcher, Sonic Mania, Asteroid Minesweeper, Moirai, Evolve, I am Setsuna



Sonic Mania


Jeremy's sonic trailer is real


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