Eight and a Half Bit

Someone on the team has finally played a Halo 5! I’m not saying who but she’ll share her thoughts on that particular title! Other amazing discussions will involve the Secret World spin off The Park, Unsolicited and a MASSIVE spoiler alert conversation around Life is Strange. We learn to feel!  THINGS!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Unsolicited

Next Week: 1-800-Monsters

Pick of the Week: Dad Quest (James), Life is Strange (Anais), Heroes of the Storm Arena (Paul)


Show Notes

Blizzcon recap

No longer reporting subscribers

Overwatch coming to consoles (not f2p)

Five nights at Freddy’s World

Mod tools coming to... CoD BLOPS3?!

Activision to buy King for 5.9 billion

Mario maker adds checkpoints

Rainbow Six Siege DLC plan

Best DLC I’ve found


Crowd Funding

Dad Quest



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