Eight and a Half Bit
Episode 157 - 1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Paint War

It's a week for trying new things! Splatoon, Magicka 2, Exanima, Treeker, Battlehandand even that brand new Zeldo title you're all excited about.

Cheapskate's Game Club: Battlehand
Next Week: Lost Constellation

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Power Drive 2000
Paul: Elsinore

Nintendo Profitable again

Nintendo entering theme park business

Myst TV maybe coming to Hulu

Oculus to release Q1 2016

The Human Centipede 3

MediEvil PS4? It was an amazing fake!

Mirror’s Edge 2 and new Plants vs Zombies slated for  2016 (Quarters relate to financial year)

Threes removed from Android Marketplace

Google Feud

Helldivers dlc

Tony Hawk 5

Goat Simulator GoatZ

Rock Band 4 Details

Towerfall Dark World

Another amazing Magicka 2 trailer


Crowd Funding


Light Fall

Starfighter Inc

Loud on PLanet X

Power Drive 2000

Galactic Escape

CCTV Nation

Mystic Searches

Time of Dragons

Exanima, Splatoon, Magicka 2, The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awkening, Treeker, Dark Souls 2, Witcher 2, Nintendo, Myst, Oculus Rift, The Human Centipede 3, MediEvil, Mirror’s Edge 2, Threes, 2048, Google Feud, Helldivers, Tony Hawk 5, Got Simulator, GoatZ, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Rock Band 4m Towerfall Dark World, Battlehand, Elsinore, Light Fall, Starfighter Inc, Loud on Planet X, Power Drive 2000


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