Eight and a Half Bit
FMVGames - Episode 8 - Off the Chart Hipsters

This week we follow The Beginner's Guide to discover.. something about ourselves? Were we the real zombies all along? What's this about a Ninja Pizza Girl? CAN YOU CONQUER THE DRAGON SNAKE? Will James become more bacon-hat then man?

Cheapskate's Game Club: Missing Translation

Next Week: Electric Highway

Picks of the Week: Home Free (James), The Beginner's Guide (Anais and Paul)


Show Notes

Scalebound was originally a wii game about a little girl who controlled dinosaurs

SMB on PS4 and Vita loses original soundtrack

Nintendo doesn't understand the internet

Crowd Funding

Home Free



A Tofu Tail

The curious saga of Draw and Race


The Beginner’s Guide, Ninja Pizza Girl, Alien Isolation, Dragon Snake, Yakuza 6, The Escapists: The Walking Dead, Landsliders, Panoramical, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 4, Home Free, Dog Park, Battletech, Verona, A Tofu Tail, Draw and Race, Missing Translation

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