Eight and a Half Bit

Presenting the last Konami published game anyone is going to care about! Well history will sort that out, for now let's stealth our way through some Metal Gear Solid V and smash our way through the wastelands of Mad Max.  Do you prefer quantity over quality? Paul reviews of 50 games from the Ludum Dare and counts down the top 10 games.

Cheapskate's Game Club: The Stranger
Next Week: Fishing Planet

James' Pick of the Week: MGSV
Paul's Pick of the Week: Xeodrifter

Top 10 Ludum Dare 33 Jam Entries

  1. The Old One
  2. Trick Parade
  3. I am the Sun
  4. Wayward
  5. Starvin Sasquatch
  6. Mild Mannered Richard
  7. There are Tourists in my Castle
  8. Massacre Monday
  9. Super Sea Serpent Simulator
  10. A Bad Wolf King is Hard to Feed

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