Eight and a Half Bit

In this episode Paul leaves halfway through to rescue his wife from the dog park.  Also there's the Xbox Series X Lineup, Carrion and Paper Mario!

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Paper Mario: The Origami King, Carrion, Neversong, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Devolverland Expo, Blightbound, Fall Guys, Death Stranding, Halo Infinite, Avowed,Tetris Effect Connected, Stalker 2, Warhammer 40000: Darktide, The Gunk, Fable, Shadow Warrior 3, Duke 3D, Hiragana Pixel Party, Duolingo, Thronebreaker, Cadence of Hyrule, Shin Megami Tensei V, Serious Sam 4, Watch Dogs Legion, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, Hyperscape, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, Forza Motorsport, Everwild, State of Decay 3, The Outer Worlds DLC, Grounded, Tell Me Why, Destiny 2, As Dusk Falls, The Medium, Psychonauts 2, CrossfireX, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Balan Wonderworld, EXOMecha, Echo Generation, Hello Neighbor 2, Dragon quest XI S Definitive, Shredders, Last Stop, The Artful Escape, Tunic, Lake, Sable, Song of Iron, Exo One, The Falconeer, 12 Minutes, The Ascent, The Big Con, Unexplored 2, Madstreets, Jedi Fallen Order

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