Eight and a Half Bit

So many games that were coming out on one day that will now come out on another! WHATEVER WILL WE DO!? Sam gets all systems driven with Noita while Paul and James pretty much have buggered off from the real world and keep banging on about VR. Sorry about that.


All this AND MORE™!


Games discussed: DMC5, Virtual Virtual Reality, Beat Saber, Jim’s Moving Out, Glass Masquerade, SELF, Willy Jetman, Rec Room, VRchat, Eleven Table Tennis, Control, Kentucky Route Zero, Audica, Lumini, Bookbound Brigade, Noita, WC3 Reforged, Asgards Wrath, Pistol Whip, Frost Punk, Graveyard Keeper, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Final Fantasy 7, The Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2, Iron Man VR, Half Life: Alyx, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dreams, Frog Fractions, Torchlight 3

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