Eight and a Half Bit

This week celebrate the life of Satoru Iwata in the best way we know how, by loving video games.  This week we love Rocket League, Trove, The Magic Circle, Agar.io, Drive Club and a whole bunch of others that pass our fancy.

Cheapsakte's Game Club: Agar.io

Next Week: Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies

Satoru Iwata’s 2005 Keynote

Kojima Productions has disbanded

Do you want a commodore phone?

Deadpool is back on steam!

Generous Dragon Age Inquisition Trial

Total war: Warhammer in engine footage


Never Alone: Foxtails

Tony Hawk 5

The Magic Circle, Drive Club, Rocket League, The Martian, Trove, Iwata, Kojima Productions, Commodore, Deadpool, Dragon Age: Inquisition, World of Warcraft Movie, Suicide Squad, Batman Vs Superman, Total war: Warhammer, Crashlands, Never Alone: Foxtails, Tony Hawk 5, Agar.io


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