Eight and a Half Bit

It's not E3 yet but it may as well be! Shadow Warrior 2, Hyrule Warriors 3DS, Transformers Devastation, Oculus Rift, Hellbalde, First Wonder the spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto and all manner of things we are supposed to and not supposed to know. Plus we get our Splatoon on finally!

Cheapskate's Game Club: Heroes of the Storm

Next Week: The Knobbly Crook

Show Notes

Hyrule Warriors 3DS

Shadow Warrior 2

Ratchet & Clank

Human Resources Machine


Toy Soldiers: War Chest

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Sonic and Angry Birds together at last!


Street Fighter V


First Wonder


Devil’s Third

Oculus Conference

Edge of Nowhere


EVE: Valkyrie

Game trailer

Vanquish 2 about to be announced?

Super Meat boy coming to playstation

Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian

Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break skipping E3

Zombi-U comin to current gen consoles

Splatoon 64

Minecraft Splatoon


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