Eight and a Half Bit

We're 25 episodes in and to celebrate we've done a regular weekly podcast. You're welcome internet.

This week Paul's NDA has been lifted on Hawken, James talks a lot about Blizzard games, Ben's facsination with Michael Fassbender is revealed and the three of them argue about industry firings. All that and some lots more!

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Pew pew! Kablamo! Bang! Boom! Zap! Zipper! Here's some tools of destruction for your listening pleasure.

Next week: Top 5 Underwater Games

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With the assistance of show friend Alex the power of four will bring you all the pointless gaming chat you could possibly want. If you want more just listen to it twice.  Check out all these topics I typed out for the keywords! X-com, The Unfinished Swan, Gorogoa, Playstationg all stars, Of Orcs and Men, WoW, The Walking Dead, Malevolence, PSN, Gods, Black Mesa, Deadly Premonition, DayZ, Nintendo, Microsoft, Halo 4, Black ops 2, Disgea, Super Meat Boy, Prey 2, TF2, Road Rash, GOG, Bioforge, iOS, Kickstarter, Steam, Shaker, The Goon, Strike Suit Zero, Star Citizen!  How can we fit all that into one show?  You tell me.

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Put on your adult diapers and get ready for our top 5 scary moments in games. Some of you might say a smart podcast would have saved this for Halloween.  Criticism accepted.

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It's time we finally settle this age old battle between the just released reworking of the classic x-com and the just released new ip Dishonored.  We have seen enough blood spilt in this war!  Also get yourself some Retro City Rampage, Dino Crisis 2, Chris Roberts new project and some Kickstarting to share.

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I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was!

Let's get some power fantasy going

Next week: Top 5 Scary Moments

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Football octopus.  Just think about it.

So many things are discussed this week like 'Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit', 'Rayman Jungle Run', CliffyB's departure from Epic Games, PAX Australia, PS+, pornography on your xbox and Ben talks about PES13 AGAIN!

Did you think about the football octopus? I hope so.

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We all have to go sometime.  When I kick the bucket I hope to be several miles above a major city at midday where my body shall explode and rain down on all those with open faced sandwiches.  Games also have some good ways to die.


Next week: Top 5 Empowering Games

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You so called psychics will never guess word for word everything the boys say in this episode! Here are some hints:

James will say more things about at least one game in the Metal Gear Series

Paul was briefly engrossed with a iOS puzzle Game.

Ben continues his badminton obsession.

News attack has a new format which will blow your mind!

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I hate these characters on a train. I hate these characters in the rain. I wish they would go down in flames. I hate them in my video games.

Next week: Top 5 ways to die!

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Episode 020 - The podcast with well integrated multiplayer

Topics, subjects, oppions and comments. We've got them all. Want to hear about Torchlight 2? PES 2013? Borderlands 2? Guild Wars 2? Tutu 2? Scooby Tooby two? We've got it all and best of all nobody got fired.

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I'm so ashamed! You'll like us all a little bit less after this episode. Judge us harshly and never let us forget.

Next Week: Top 5 Least Likeable Protagonists

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It's show time kids. Ben takes his time to turn up but that doesn't stop us getting into the nitty gritty of Black Mesa, Wii-U launch, the terrible turn Overstrike has taken, MGS3D, Obsidian's new Kickstarter and 4 more things!  Get it into you!

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Holy Ghost Batman! Let's chow down on the Eucharist, face Mecca, summon Loki and hope the three of us get reincarnated with better internet connections. It's time for our top 5 religious games! Things are going to get Biblical.

Next week: Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

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This week the boys discuss kickstarting Beneath a Steel Sky 2, and other equally important issues, like how people can kickstart Beneath a Steel Sky 2. James totally forgets who Chris Taylor is, Paul enjoys extreme wagon simulations, and Ben gives the latest on his Black Op’s 2 dilemma! Also, hang around to hear about how you can kick start Beneath a Steel Sky 2!

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Things get a little blue this week as we explore the fun and the twisted world of sexy sexy games.  We forgot to mention Rez though. We probably should have done that. Oh and NSFW content if you couldn't guess.

Next week: Top 5 Religious Games

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Ben has a dilemma for us to solve int this episode. Also some interesting things are discussed such as Guild Wars 2, PAX Australia, The Stanley Parable, various medical problems and Total Annihilation

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Is it a Bird? Is it a plane?  Well as long as it's not a human you'll be fine with both of those things and almost anything else.

Next week: Top 5 Sexy Games

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Time to get down and get funky with this weeks rip and rolling episode of Eight and a Half Bit! Up for discussion is the worlds worst port of one of the best games of all time Dark Souls. Argue with Argument Champion, power through with the Powerpuff Girls, get dizzy with Fantastic Dizzy and... league on with league of legends? Australia gets it's first state to sign R 18+ into law and F2P is taking over everything! All this and more when you put us in your ears.

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How many great television based games have the crew played? Not that many it turns out. Tune in to learn the depths some people will go to in order to justify their terrible choices!

Next Week: Games with non-human protagonists

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Darksiders II!  Also other things are discussed in this riveting episode of Eight and a Half Bit.  These other things include the craziest week of Valve news ever, Gamescon wrap up, James tearing into the beloved Super Metroid and Ben gets a special birthday surprise!

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Here it is the first episode of our midweek show where the boys detail their anger inducing top 5 most overrated games lists!  Also marvel at the new show's theme song which will be NEVER PLAYED AGAIN.

Next weeks topic: Top 5 games based on TV shows

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This week James and Paul share their bogus journey with your ears! Ben is missing this week, all the more opportunity for the lads to rummage through his unmentionables. Join us, and be confused about pre-ordering Photoshop on Steam for a bonus Artist's Beret TF2 hat! James hangs out with Twinsen on Twinsun, Paul gets excited about a console that might be awesome, and Ben promises all listeners $20*! (*not really)

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Experience our new photorealistic episode as we make you feel things! Try not to rage-quit as the gents remember the games that most angried their blood, peer into the future of screen-o-vision with the new VR headset 'Oculus', and hear about how all MMOs are dead and we're faced with a future of nothing but offline content! (not really). Also, EPIC NEWS ATTACK ROUND!

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This week Paul, James and Ben welcome you to the twilight zone where nothing is real and everything is pretty much the same as before. Watch how the mighty Pro Evolution 2013 falls under the weight of our banter and not even Gabe Newell escapes our confused questioning of his motivations! Kickstarters, Indie games, Kinect and a news attack so long it belittles the very concept!  Also the boys bring up their top 5 games with non standard/unusual control schemes and DRAMA(tm) ensues.

Next week: The Dark Souls Memorial, Top 5 Ragequit moments in gaming

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This week the lads finally patched the bug that was making them less-handsome, but found it too expensive to get through certification, so now you're stuck with their hideous features! This week they discuss crazy science future tech (again), grind some zombies for fat loot, and complain about the not-in-the-us tax with online sales. Now with a totally not obnoxious top five list for all to enjoy!

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Join the lads this week with our +1 Alex Norton, the mind behind the indie title 'Malevolence'. Ben misses out on talking about Modern Warfare 3, James complains about pixelated germans, and Paul gets to talk plenty of Kickstarter! Adventure guaranteed!

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Paul is back this week just in time to talk about Dungeon Keeper 2, Halloween Harry, MDK and the other hot topics of the day! Also games from the current decade are discussed, the controversial EU decision on digital resale, Salman Rushdie's digital punishment, gaming experiments, how much we love Valve (lots) and much much much much much more.

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Episode 008 - The Week Paul Got Fired

Ben and James two-man it this week in a riveting episode of everything Paul hates. Ben gets to talk for literally minutes about Call of Duty and Halo 1, and James is pleasantly surprised about Spec Ops: The Line. Join us this week as we discuss topics from fornicating farm animals to adventure games for people with short attention spans.

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The Real Cowboys mosey though this week's big gaming news. James finally convinces Paul a MMO might be worth his time with 'The Secret World', Ben plays classic indie titles from the days of old and Paul struggles miming his way through frantic tank combat! Look forward to our speed round of News Attack!

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James' headset is broken, Ben's internet is broken and Paul's sound  card is broken. Our sense of fashion though? Flawless. This week listen to the boys go on and on about Tera, Max Payne 3, Lollipop Chainsaw, Sphere, Dead Space 3 and the meaning of life.

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Drama, adventure, love, revenge, horror and feel good moments await you as the Eight and a Half Bit crew tackle all of the major issues of the day. From Psychic Detective to Zeno Clash 2 no rock is left unsoiled.  E3 is over but there is still so much left to discover and judge cynically from a distance.

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Episode 004 - Underpants full of pre-E3

E3 is just around the corner and the boys couldn’t be more excited. Or less excited.  Either way their level of excitement is where it needs to be.

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This week James and Paul carry on in the absence of Ben discussing Double Fines new game The Cave. Also you will discover via the medium of conversation discussion on Dragon's Dogma, more Diablo 3, Krater, Deadlight, Leap, The Shadow of Colossus film and Company of Heroes 2 and SEVERAL OTHER endlessly interesting topics.

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This weeks wonderful show is brought to you by the numbers 37 and 3006. Join our travellers on a journey of sensual pleasures and nerd rage as we discuss everything that has ever been. Al Lowe's lost passages, Indie games that only Paul cares about, more kickstarters and this weeks biggest release "The game which shall not be named".

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Episode 001 - Lollipops, Basketballs and Dragons!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the grand opening of our fantasticly contrapulous podcast. Join us as we discuss what we've been playing, Datura, news of the week and totally rad kickstarters.

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